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We had a baby at the beginning of COVID-19. How we made it through lockdown | Lockdown Baby

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Published 10 months ago

When a couple has a baby during a global pandemic, they gather their strength and get creative to show their kids what love looks like from a distance. #CBCShortDocs #AloneTogether #LockdownBaby

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Emily and Ian are a couple who are both filmmakers, embracing their cultural differences merging them into their own unique social unit.

When their first son was born, they taught him both their languages and made several trips to Ian’s hometown in Uganda. It was important to them that their son grow up knowing his family on both continents.

When the couple find out they’re expecting again, they are overjoyed and decide to use their filmmaking skills to document their transformative journey through pregnancy and delivery.

The one thing they weren’t counting on: a worldwide pandemic.

With the COVID-19 lockdown in place just a few weeks before the baby is due, Ian and Emily struggle with the additional unknowns. Will the baby be in danger before it’s even born? Will Ian be allowed in the room while Emily is in labour? How do you help your children navigate their way in the world when you have no idea what the world will look like tomorrow?

The couple finds a way to focus on life, love and hope in the middle of the pandemic.

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