Escape from a House of Horror l 20/20 l PART 1

Published 2021-11-20
On the night of Jan. 14, 2018, 17-year-old Jordan Turpin made a daring escape from her home and called 911 in order to save herself and her siblings from their abusive parents.

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  • Gini Marie D
    She went from sounding like a little child to a strong woman. Tears. Shes a hero 😭
  • Thomas Hooper
    For someone who’s been so isolated she sounded so mature and naturally intelligent on the phone knowing subconsciously exactly what she needed to do and say to the police to get the help she needed
  • Leah Rice
    when she said on the phone that she was 17 i started crying because I thought she was around 10 based off of how little she knew and the way she spoke. that shows how horrible her childhood really was
  • Amanda Panda
    The fact that at 17, she had siblings that ranged to 29 and she alone had the bravery to save them all. 🥺 True hero right there. I cannot imagine the trauma they all experienced from abusive and negligent parents. This is something that’s gonna mess them up for the rest of their lives and it’s so sad! Some people should not be parents.
  • Mike Toghill
    Given the circumstances and lack of any life experience or education, she's phenomenally composed, both whilst making the call and in the interview. Kudos to her and her strength of character.
  • Joshi Fan
    My heart breaks for what her & her sisters must have gone through, but huge respect for the level of bravery she showed by coming forward and telling her story like this.
  • J. Elizabeth
    It’s so scary to think about how many people are locked away in homes who we may never find out about. It’s terrifying.
  • Carrie Sobek
    There is no way I could possibly understand why any parent would do this to their children.. It breaks my heart so much that they went through this.
  • revniw1
    God, this is heart breaking. I'm grown man and I can't hold back the tears. How can parents do this this to their children?
  • Fotosynthesis858
    She couldn’t even fathom the idea to stand on the sidewalk smh. Her speech is so unique because she’s been so isolated from society. She didn’t even know the difference between an address & a zip code. THAT’S ABSOLUTELY INSANE TO ME!!! 🤯 I’m just so glad she was capable enough to make the call. She literally saved her & her siblings lives. Bless her & all her siblings 🙏🏽

    PS- I hope her parents are facing the most severe consequences they can legally face. They don’t deserve to see the light of day.
  • cashee
    5:11 When she says "the chains were making places" because she didn't know what a bruise was.. I'm heartbroken by all of this but that.. that was the ultimate for me.. so proud of you Jordan for being so brave <3
  • Megan Chambers
    She's so sweet. Barbara offers her a tissue and she says "Thank you so much" as if that small act of kindness is still alien to her. Thank God she had the amazing courage to get out.
  • scribb !!
    The amount of information she didn’t know like, how to read street signs, sidewalks, medication, how to speak to people, it’s baffling. Yet she still managed to do all of that. The bravest girl ever. 😭
  • Ekaterina Kidd
    She sounded so much younger than 17 years old, she is such a brave girl. She did whatever she had to do to protect her siblings. She is a little hero
  • Ultra D-Rex
    Hearing Jordan's voice makes me feel like she hasn't been outside for years. It's disturbing and disgusting. I'm glad she was able to escape to call for help. God bless her and her siblings! The parents responsible deserve a worse punishment than jail.
  • J.J.
    My heart breaks for them. Makes me sick that the parents could do that to them. But I am so glad that they are rescued!!!
  • David Armstrong
    I never get sick of watching this footage. The innocence in her voice and the confusion about questions. Then, a beautiful young lady is on the couch with the ABC. She gets emotional and so do I. Jordan, you are the definition of a hero.
  • She really proves that no matter how bad you think your life is, there are always people with worse ones that are pushing through, and you should too
  • Katie Lou
    The fact that she did not even sound 17 on the phone shows how sheltered from the world she really was. The last 4 years have really helped her.
  • Marcello Sansone
    It’s absolutely incredible and heartbreaking that Jordan had the courage and the bravery to fight for herself and her siblings, being raised in a home like that their whole lives. The fight that that girl has in her soul is innate, I wouldn’t like to imagine if she wasn’t born with the character she was.