'There was blood:' Nathaniel Rowland ex-girlfriend testifies she saw him clean blood out of car

Published 2021-07-22
A woman who said she had been dating Rowland testified that she saw blood in his car and on a weapon that he had hours after Josephson's killing.
Maria Howard told the court he told her to "mind her business" when she asked why there was blood on a hat she'd left in his car.
Later, she said he was using bleach to clean blood out of the car and was cleaning a small knife.
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All Comments (21)
  • Jessica Grover
    This woman is EVERYTHING. She’s not letting that defense lawyer make her feel any type of way or make her look any type of way. We def need more women like her in the world♥️
  • Dawn Delrio
    I love this girl’s testimony-she doesn’t allow the defense attorney to intimidate her at all!
  • Isabel Neal
    She changed her mood so fast when the defense lawyer came up. She knows what she saw and she didn’t lie. Period.
  • Isaac 84
    Like someone else pointed out, THERE’S NO SHAME IN HONEST WORK! 👏 I respect this lady! She’s a single mom hardworking- doing double shifts and living on her own (paying rent) even if she worked at McDonald’s. She was looking for love which is what a normal person does so shouldn’t fault her for that. Wish her the best in life because she has a good head on her shoulders.
  • I'm so proud of her. You know she's been scared to death to go against him, in ANY WAY. She's hard working, loyal and cares about her life and raising her child. God bless her.
  • My heart goes out to this amazing woman. She’s beyond too good for that douche bag of a man. The fact that she’s a hard working mama that is doing her best, and still managed to tell the truth is amazing. I feel bad because she trust the wrong man to give her a life she was hoping to have. I pray that she guards her and her child’s life for any other man that comes along.
  • Smartchick
    I’m glad she told the truth. More people need to do this. It’s not snitching, it’s called doing the right thing.
  • Chris Terry
    What a stunningly beautiful, well spoken young lady. I wish her and her child well ❤️
  • Her confidence is through the roof. Her reaction to the blood in the car was “I gotta go get my daughter by any means necessary.” A lot of people will assume they would do this and that in a situation they've never been in but when you are scared, you will comply until you know you are safe especially when you have a child. I am sure if she dug deep enough or had threatened to have called the police, she would be dead too
  • Seamoan
    She comes across as a real one through and through. She's probably a wonderful mother and a great friend. She did the right thing. Her family should be proud of her, many girlfriends and exes won't speak up. She's brave, honest, intelligent, and down to earth. Bless her and her little one ✌🏽🖤
  • Marin
    This woman is sharp. She remembers all the facts and little details. She did the right thing here and I hope life is kinder to her moving forward.
  • kittykatBflat
    The audacity of the way he was trying to stare her down in court. She destroyed him with her courage.
  • Vera
    Listening to this was torture, I feel for her. She’s struggling to get by, raising a baby, and this man creeps in bringing this bs to her, then she has to go to court and be harassed on stand with repetitive questions and twists to try to make her look guilty of something this lunatic did, when in reality she’s just lucky it wasn’t her and her child he killed. Crazy
  • She looks like a honest woman whos working to take care of herself and her child. I love how she isnt scared of him, telling her truth. This is an amazing example shes setting to her kids, how important it is to do the right thing.
    Sending her family all the best.
  • I believe every word she said. She is clearly telling the truth and not willing to give her life up for this clown.
  • Petunia Pop
    She should look into the legal field. She was made of freaking steel on the stand. And her memory is impeccable. Great job momma! ♥️
  • I love how this woman is so confident in her responses and is not phased, at all, by the 2nd lawyer's questions.
  • Jacqueline Hagge
    Any young girl can only hope to grow into the woman we are watching here, Ms Howard. The integrity, the courage; being in front of all those people speaking her truth - THE TRUTH. I wish I knew her personally - it would be an honor.
  • learning
    He equated McDonalds employment with dumb girl. This woman is a single parent working to keep a roof over her child's head and keep her in daycare. She is doing the damn thing. There is no shame in honest work. I know Doctors who were waiters, pharmacists who were cashier's...Stop judging people based on where they live or work. Content of character within the context of a situation is what most people should be judged on.
  • Little Girl
    This young woman looks like a very hard working, strong girl. She is so brave for standing up to this monster of a man. More power to people like this standing up for what's right.