Limited Life: Episode 3 - THE AFK SESSION

Published 2023-03-17

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  • Grian is the only person who can make us look at a waffle for 20 minutes straight and have it still be entertaining
  • frogwknife
    I love how Grian being sick and afk became an attraction for the whole server this episode
  • “Bless Joel’s heart for trying to keep me entertained.”
    That warmed my heart
  • silhouettes
    I like how Etho used you as a therapist, and then proceeded to admit to plans of homicide as if you were a priest to confess to 😂. Great video, 10/10.
  • I love how the rest of the bad boys tried their hardest to stop grian from being killed/stolen while everything else descended into chaos around him
  • AJ Beew
    Love how Tango and Skizz start their confessions with "aww poor Grian, I hope he feels better" and end it with "here's my butt" and fart sounds. TEAM TIES!
  • Reekill
    Three things we have learned from this episode:
    1. Joel is oddly wholesome
    2. AFK content is oddly satisfying
    3. Scar needs to be dealt with next episode
  • this episode being just essentially a spectator feels oddly comforting to watch, it's like listening to your family talk while you start to sleep haha
  • alyssa smith
    I can only imagine Grian watching the footage back for the first time in editing and grinning at every point the others were talking to him
  • Gregor
    The way Joel made sure groan would get some good footage was WAY TO WHOLESOME I cant🥺 everyone needs a friend like that
  • Creator Stacy
    I absolutely love how protective the Bad Boys were over Grian and how even other people like Martin (is that how you spell it?) tried to help him out AND how those that tried to hurt him even felt sorry for hurting him. All around, this session was so wholesome yet so chaotic
  • steadie
    this is actually so fun to watch, props to the rest of the members of last life for making this session so entertaining
  • Jadon D
    Causing more deaths AFK than actively playing, thus is Grian's chaotic energy
  • Missing_Names
    I love how chaotic everyone becomes when someone goes AFK😂. The last few minutes with everyone talking to Grian like it's a confession booth is hilarious XD
  • Nerdboss3000
    I love how much of a game that felt with fast respawn. Just one hit sound and then, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!"
  • This was DEFINITELY worth watching! We started our Limited Life episode 3 evening with Scar's episode and as soon as we knew you were AFK for yours, we were like, "Grian's is SO next!" It was hilarious! So sorry that you were sick though and we're really glad you're feeling better!
  • whitekid12
    New life idea: team life.
    The server is split into 2 groups, each having 10 shared lives. Once they hit 5, they can attack the other team, and once they hit 3, the whole team seperates, becoming a free for all

    Edit: like so it gets grains attention and feel free to copypaste just give me credit for the idea
  • 2tini ⚜️
    "Who would build a submarine? Bad Boys"

    Bless Joel. I'm so happy Grian is teaming with him this season. That man is just precious.
  • Sh4dow_Jok3r
    Before today I didn't think to be entertained by a twenty-minute video in which the only thing I can see on screen is Grian's waffle... This is art...
  • Daniel Butler
    You'd think that an AFK episode would be boring. You'd think that watch paint dry would have the same effect. You'd think the critics would call it "lazy". But WHAT ON EARTH!!! THAT WAS SUCH A GOOD EPISODE. Also, we need to appreciate how this man is so sick he can't even play the game, he still gives us content. God speed to your recovery