Published 2023-07-09
1) Multi-Modal Mobility M4
   • M4 Drives and Flies Around Caltech's ...  

2) ENERCON Climbing Crane
   • ENERCON Climbing Crane / ENERCON Klet...  
   • ENERCON LCC 140 Climbing Crane Animat...  

3) VENTURI Wheel
   • This is a world first: Venturi has re...  
   • WHY has Venturi reinvented the wheel?  
   • HOW has Venturi reinvented the wheel?  

4) UNIT Surf Pool
   • Biggest Floating Wave in Southern Sho...  
   • Wakeparadise Milano Grand Opening | U...  
   • Launch Party Milano | UNIT Surf Pool  
   • Expression Session | UNIT Surf Pool  
   • RSL Milano Pro / Am 2023 Highlights |...  

5) 3D images based on reflection in the eyes

6) Thermonator
   • Thermonator Flamethrower Robot Dog | ...  
   • Throwflame ARC Flamethrower | The Ult...  

7) Aerodyme
   • 2020 Inventure Prize Finalist: Aerodyme  

8) Nike Aerogami………

9) AngGo
   • AngGo: Shared Indoor Smart Mobility  
   • AngGo Pro(shared indoor smart mobilit...  
   • AngGo Pro(Shared Indoor Smart Mobilit...  

   • PETAL - Innovative paper-like, batter...  

11) Gove

12) Freeaim VR Shoes
   • Freeaim VR Shoes: The most Natural Wa...  
   • Using Freeaim VR Shoes for Training &...  

   • Drone Delivery for Labs - Laboratory ...  
   • Jedsy 2022 - Delivery where and when ...  
   • JEDSY - Mission Malawi 2022  

14 SARL Pianolift
   • PIANOLIFT2 loading a YAMAHA CFX with ...  
   • Casa do Piano  

15) FREEDOM TRAX FT1 (preview)
   • Freedom Trax Europe in Rehacare 2018  
   • mounting and dismounting Freedom Trax...  
   • Dune climb on Muskegon beach  
   • Testing Freedom Trax on a steep, roug...  
   • Unpacking and setting up your Freedom...  

16) EV4 (preview)
   • Electric off roaad rollerblade 3  
16.1 Ungoverned Vendetta
   • Ungoverned Vendetta & A Sick Track  

17) MotoEye E6…

18) Railroad switch Raise3D (preview)…
   • Стрелочный электропривод в шпальном и...  
   • Устройство стрелочного перевода  
   • UNISTAR HR EM - Switch Machine  elect...  
   • UNISTAR HR - Switch Machine  electro ...  

00:00 - Gove
01:19 - Nike Aerogami
02:16 - UNIT Surf Pool
03:14 - VENTURI Wheel
04:17 - MotoEye E6
05:35 - Multi-Modal Mobility M4
06:46 - Freeaim VR Shoes
07:38 - 3D images based on reflection in the eyes
08:36 - JEDSY
09:40 - SARL Pianolift
10:44 - Aerodyme
11:36 - ENERCON Climbing Crane
12:35 - AngGo
13:32 - PETAL
15:33 - EV4
16:11 - Ungoverned Vendetta
16:52 - Thermonator
17:49 - Railroad switch Raise3D

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All Comments (21)
  • @deadbeat-vc9kg
    The VR shoes are awesome. Solved a lot of movement and spacial issues.
  • We're hungry for more content! 🤓 Your videos are both entertaining and educational, making tech understandable for everyone. Can't wait to satisfy my tech curiosity with your next upload. 🍔📱
  • @josephhurst4902
    7:13, This would help VR Gamers do a lot better seeing as most of the Damage in your home is due to you Walking into a Wall or Accidentally destroying an electronic device. Also reminds me of the Movable floor pannel from "Ready Player One".
  • @sanjuansteve
    @10:48 That could likely be made better if it was inflatable (and deflatable automatically). The wind from the moving semi could be used to inflate it and with an automatic valve switch could also vacuum the air back out.
  • @notmyworld44
    A friendly suggestion to the narrator:
    NIKE is from a Greek name, and is commonly pronounced "nigh - kee".
    Your videos are generally excellent!
  • @rafiqkatana
    That "Thermonator" (Flame Thrower) will Totally be used as a weapon if it's made available.
  • @reanaldrogan9852
    This channel is what keep me going every day! Love every bit of this video!
  • @info1543
    15:13 you made me cry! When i heard about the wheel chair that is able to go way more places than my normal chair. Thank you. Someday I will get one.
  • the semi truck trailers rear wind device, I swear I've seen those things on the back of truck since I could remember not sure what the difference was. besides that cool video really love this channel!
  • @josephhurst4902
    6:17, I would see it more useful for Military purposes seeing as it can literally handle any terain at the moment. Plus if it had micro tool arms on its Front, I can easily see them using this to deal with IED's instead of sending out someones son or daugheter to try and disarm it.
  • @takumi2023
    do they have a version for people in cars? (motoeye). would be interested to use that without having to look down at the phone.
  • @sagarah8217
    If the VR shoes become a "thing", im investing in drywall manufacturing.
  • @user-oc5cn1xy4f
    I wonder if some people would use the freeaim vr shoes as roller blades because I see a similar function here
  • @imranraz9
    The moto eye is Awesome i am from Pakistan ❤ i am a biker so lover this helmet. I hope soon thia will be available in Pakistan. And last video electrik of skate shoes are awesome ❤❤
  • I like the device that can turn a wheelchair into an offroad veichle. Can a similar device be made to transform a walker into an off roadster?
  • @RPSchonherr
    All these drone type transports are going to drive ATC crazy
  • @josephhurst4902
    17:25, If they incresed the Size and Durability to Flames, I could see them using this for Fire Fighters to make backfire. ( when they start a Secondary Fire to Extinguish the Primary Fire, also called a Controlled Burn.)
  • @BarneyRubble9999
    I love the robotic flamethrower dog! I imagine an entire pack of them patrolling the perimeter of my property while I'm on vacation. Anybody that's not supposed to be there are going to be BBQ'd! 👏🥳🤣