What If Gravity is NOT Quantum?

Published 2023-11-09
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The holy grail of theoretical physics is to come up with a quantum theory of gravity. But after a century of trying we really have no idea how close we are, or it it's even possible. But we shouldn't feel bad because it turns out that the universe is doing everything it its power to make this as difficult as possible. Or it's telling us that it isn't. Should we take the hint?

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Hosted by Matt O'Dowd
Written by Christopher Pollack & Matt O'Dowd
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All Comments (21)
  • @mk1st
    That bit with the equations ending up with the Schwarzschild radius is like the universe is doing stand-up comedy and going “thank you, I’m here all week”
  • @evolancer211
    My favorite channel where I don't understand 90% of what's going on but still continue to watch lol
  • @Cgeta4
    Considering how much crazy stuff gravity is responsible for I wouldn't be surprised if it was even more fundamental than everything else we know
  • I will never be not amazed by people who REALLY understand math. You people are gifted beyond believe.
  • @stordarth
    The fact that the graviton detector model maths spat out the Schwarzchild radius and so would prevent any confirmation of the existence of the graviton made me laugh more than it should have. The irony is amazing.

    "We did it! We made a graviton detector!"

    "Awesome! Where is it?"

    "In that Planck-sized black hole in the cor..." <black hole evapourates and explodes>
  • @Gnomaana
    This always confused me. Doesn’t Einstein’s theory mean that gravity is NOT a force but the curvature of Spacetime? If so, why would it act the same as the other “forces” and have any need to be quantized?
  • @Nonamelol.
    It’s crazy how literally the most recorded/observed universal force still remains a mystery.
  • Matt I did the survey, just for you!
    To show my gratitude towards you.

    So kind of you for posting videos that helps me to increase my knowledge and intelligence time to time!

    I eagerly look forward to more videos from
  • @JoshWiniberg
    I love how in all this insanely complex science the one thing Matt chooses to clarify is "1khz - that's a thousand hertz".

    Thanks Matt, it all makes sense now!
  • @ravenragnar
    This is what S tier quality content looks like Youtube. Promote more of THIS and less REACTIONS/PUNDITS/CLIP CHANNELS to the world. Signed the Internet.
  • @Tiberiump
    It'd be cool a video about negative masses and why they are not considered. Thanks Matt for the cool video!
  • @JosePineda-cy6om
    The more i become convinced Emergent Gravity proponents are onto something... gravity doesn't act at all like the other forces, most likely becouse it's not a fundamental force but rather an emergent one, like pressure
  • 11:51 - Thank you for clearing up what a kilohertz was. Everything else in this video is easily understood, but without knowing what this strange kilohertz thing was, none of it would have made any sense whatsoever. So, thank you again.
  • @davecool42
    The way the slowly zooming stars do a parallax scroll when Matt is moved around the frame is just perfect.
  • @JackDespero
    The fact that from quantum definitions, such as the uncertainty principle and Planck's distance, one can derive a relativistic concept such as the Schwarzchild radius, seems to indicate to me that there might be something there that connect both.
  • @DelbaKV
    Fantastic video as always! I am sorry to point it out and I only say it because I am Danish and super proud of Niels Bohrs achivements. You spelled his name as “Neils” but the correct way is “Niels”. Just thought I’d let you know.

    Fantastic video and Matt is fantastic at making it somewhat understandable.
  • @edifiedx
    I want to thank Matt and the rest of the staff. This is my favorite channel of all time.
  • @SuperLoops
    15:05 I literally got chills when that equation appeared. is that as weird/spooky as it feels?
  • Amazing video.
    The appearance of the schwarzschild radius blew my mind. The relationship between Heisenberg, planck length, and black-holes is crazy.
    Did we stumble on a kind of circular reasoning? Or are we facing a fundamental relationship?
  • @gray12566
    You know one thing that Matt said in an earlier video that I'm going to keep with me for the rest of my life. There really aren't any singularities. A singularity points to a gap in our understanding. Solving the singularity leads to new knowledge.