Ireland West Music TV Christmas Special 2014

Published 2014-12-28

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  • I was in the audience that night and it was a great show. What made it different was the singers sitting around in a group rather than coming on to a stage one at a time, and the crowd of a few hundred were all near the stage, it was a great atmosphere.
  • Geraldine b
    I'm very proud to be born in Ireland. Such amazing music.
  • JayBird
    In Ireland, we seem to have such a beautiful heart that makes us feel for each other and we love to have great times. Happy Christmas to all
  • Absolutely good to see my home county Sligo represented. Oh my, Boulavogue - have not heard that song since leaving Sligo. My neighbor sang it all the time. Beannacht Na Nollag to all and keep the music alive.

  • O 123
    Patrick was miles ahead of all the others.....what a voice, the power, that Vibrato is so sweet.
  • Muriel Orsborn
    Great music from all the stars Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Blessed New year to you all fromEngland ❤️🙏
  • wolftones58
    Just came across this programme which i missed when it was on sky. I think Donna Taggart done a fantastic job singing live what a voice and a song Jealous of the Angels, have on my phone as my alarm call.
  • Jean Budgell
    I so just came across this program. I love Irish singers, amazing!!!. From Newfoundland.
  • Susan Cowe
    Great music merry Christmas 🎄 to all Irish stars for 2021 happy new year 🎊 2022 🎄😃🍀🎊
  • That was absolutely brilliant but its now Christmas day 2021 seeing it for the first time
  • Dan Riggs
    Pat feeney has a huge voice. glad to see he's doing better
  • Seán Bhoy1888
    Patrick Feeney. Take a bow what a version of boolavouge. Sensational
  • Jean Budgell
    Merry Christmas ye all and happy new year for more years to come.
  • What wonderful Christmas Show. Good luck. Love from the Unitrd Kingdom. Xxxx
  • O 123
    That's my third time today looking at Patrick Feeney what power that super Vibrato
  • Izabela Lejon
    Could anyone please upload the 2015 show! I just love those!!!
  • O 123
    God Patrick Feeney blow all the others away he was something else, I look at that part of the video everyday, the more you turn it up the volume the more he shines.....
  • Bridget Grace
    Mike denver lovely singer met him in hazel at awards night beautiful singer and nice guy