ABC News Exclusive: 'Baby Roe' breaks her silence

Published 2021-10-04
ABC News' Linsey Davis sits down with the woman at the center of the landmark 'Roe vs. Wade' abortion case, Shelley Thornton, also known as 'Baby Roe.'

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  • Marlayna S
    The fact that she thought everyone would blame her for abortion being made legal, when she was a literal child, shows just how messed up this world has become.
  • N Ca
    What a traumatic way to find out about your biological parent. It's so sick and cruel what those reporters did to her. I'm glad she now realizes it's not really about her. And what a blessing to have found her biological sister. God bless them. ❤️🙏🏽
  • Phoenix Fire
    I CAN'T BELIEVE reporters jumped her walking down the street and heartlessly broke the news that she was not only adopted, but that she is the Roe baby. How disgusting. I'm glad she grew up in a loving, supportive family; its hard to imagine how much worse things could've been for her.
  • Alexandria
    OK, as a Christian, I can tell you: God would NEVER tell ANYONE to bomb a clinic, no matter what treatment or surgery they are performing. We value LIFE above all things, and that goes for EVERYONE! How dare they do such hate crimes saying "God told them to". That's blasphemy and shameful!!!! This is a touchy subject, but as the Bible says, "let's REASON together."
  • Patricia Beckman
    "She didn't deserve to meet me". The words of a well balanced woman. Very true words. 🥰
  • Juliana Caroline
    “She didn’t deserve to meet me.”

    Such self-worth instilled in her, that’s amazing.
  • Judy Bryant
    She must be a very strong person partly due to her adoptive parents and the rest her tenacity. I have an adoped child and am sure her adopted parents were just as happy to have her as I was to have my child. I used to cry when I thought about what the birth mother was missing. So sad that this woman had to deal with being that person but great that she is such a well adjusted person.
  • R Frost
    Straight up, beautifully honest person. I wish her all the happiness and good things in the world.
  • I remember how my mother wanted to abort me when she was pregnant with me. I don’t talk to her, she raised me and my childhood was living hell. So much hell I left the country and had my daughter here. Those two women were given a chance in life growing up with two beautiful families. I used to run away from home. Not all families are family. The mother didn’t do well in life, but at least she did good knowing that she wasn’t good enough for them to raise them, that she was a dark person. Not all mothers can raise a child, not all parents can be nurturing parents.
  • Krystal Casey
    I respect her for staying out of it. I myself am pro choice. My view is that it should be every woman's right to choose whether or not to have an abortion and it should be up until the fetus is considered viable (meaning it has reached a stage of development where it is capable of living, under normal conditions, outside the uterus). With laws like the one in texas (with the heartbeat act also known as the six week abortion ban) it could potentially make it really tough for women in Texas who have things like PCOS (and thus have irregular cycles and wouldn't be aware if they missed a period, aka one of the earliest signs of pregnancy) to have access to abortion because they might find out they're pregnant after it's too late for them to get an abortion.

    Basically banning or placing extremely restrictive time limits on abortion really fucks over many women.
  • 93Jubilee
    Thank you for offering this interview, Shelley. I hope you're doing well during this time. You've made your feelings and thoughts very clear for history, and there was no expectation, no necessity for you to. Again, thank you.
  • Kitti whieldon
    Applause for staying out of it. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation.
  • Nordic Mtn Mama
    Thank you for being brave enough to share your story. I didn’t know that you survived. I’m so grateful that you did and that you have a wonderful family and sister.
  • Val Rudolph
    The interviewer did a great job. I’m glad “Baby Roe” came on TV in the first place, and had a way to talk about it thoughtfully and authentically.
  • suleyma osorio
    This was an awesome interview. But her answers are everything. She held her head up high, said her truths and is still processing this in a healthy way, with her sister. May God continue to bless her and protect her. IJN. 🙏🏻🌻 “the poster child” is now “the child that was saved”.
  • Asyfy Diet
    I was adopted and feel like my biological parents made their decision by giving me up as a baby. Now that I am an adult that decision is mine, I have no regrets, for never reaching out to meet them. My adopted parents were my parents they are the ones who raised me and gave me my values. These other people just gave me the opportunity to live which might have turned out differently if abortion was legal when I was born.
  • This interview was extremely well done and it was so powerful. Shelley Lynn Thornton is a truly strong woman and we need more people like her in the world.
  • Rebecca Oliver
    Her adoptive parents raised one hell of a woman. They must be very proud.
  • She said things that she wanted to say without saying it. At the end of the day I think she’s grateful to be alive. I hope she will heal from the bitterness.