GOLOV-20 Meditation (Official Video)

Published 2020-04-24
"Lay Down in Love" Composed and produced by Barry Goldstein
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All Comments (21)
  • I just love doing this meditation as a break during work. This one truly gave miracles, friends were having fight in there relationship for already several weeks, we did it and heart only one hour later that they solved there trouble. The work of Joe Dispenza is just amazing. I have now been meditating over 1000 days and did the breath for 365 days for at least 30 min a day and it completely changed my life. When I first started in 2019 I was still having the after effects of burnouts and depressions and it completely healed. I manifested things in my life and am just a much more happy person. So thanks for the work you bring out ❤
  • @darcej72
    Try doing this meditation with a younger you at a point in time/ times when you felt unsafe and vulnerable. It's so powerful as a self parenting tool ❤
  • Dr. Joe has done a tremendous amount of research on brain waves and has discovered this particular Way of speaking and use of words induces a deeper meditative state. It is all well researched and has a purpose. Trust. Surrender to the process and know it truly works for love and is based in love. There is a method to his madness! LOL. HE IS THE REAL DEAL!❤️
  • @gayeglina3647
    I am a 74 year old Grandmother and I think that this Meditation is not only beautiful but magical It is like a warm fuzzy blanket It is filled with so much love It brings you to tears I absolutely love this beautiful meditation and I have never felt so much love as this in my whole lifetime Dr Joe Dispenza is Mr Wonderful I would like to one day go to his week long Work Shops I love you all Gaye ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • @jojospark4348
    I love everything about this man. A true mystic, scientist, sage, healer, genius. I never tire of his work or voice. I’ve done his advanced workshops, online workshops and one day seminars. I healed myself of cancer many years ago. Thank you Dr Joe
  • I’ve been doing Dr Joe’s meditations for a year but this one I tried for the first time yesterday. I focused on my mom. She decided she couldn’t really get away for a vacation to visit. We really wanted her to come, see the grandkids, refresh herself for a while. I just followed the meditation instructions, as always, and it felt so good. Anyways, within three hours, she sent me her itinerary that she was able to come and booked her trip! Without me saying or doing anything else in the 3D. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  • This meditation has literally changed everything in my life, relationships, heartbreak... I cant stop doing this meditation everyday since I discovered it and everything in my love life and family has changed. Cant be more grateful ! Thank you ♥️
  • @georgefirth
    We did it as a group last night (people all around the World), and it was one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. We did it for Mother Earth. We all held Mother Earth's heart in ours and we blessed Her with love
  • @junevasilis3002
    I meditate and bring my mom, stepdad into my heart almost every day and it has transformed our relationships!
  • @Liyreable
    I don't know what it is with this meditation but literally everytime I do it, something profound shifts within in me and I'm able to feel things I never could before. This is by far my favorite meditation of Joe Dispenza. I use it to heal relationships, to make relationships better and also to let go of blockages/pain I have about people I love or had to let go of. Every time I am blown away by how much love is there is in my heart, it's endless and unlimited. Behind all the pain, there is so much love. Since I started doing this meditation 2 months ago, my life has transformed drastically. Change your heart, change your life.
  • @utkarshkumar5700
    Guys It works. I am so grateful. My relationship of 2 years was not working properly. She was not into me later on.N she was confused and distracted. N i was also worried, she was irritated by me and I was angry and frustrated and we broke up bcoz,things where not going well. We were at this moment that we will never talk n i was heartbroken but when I started this meditation I didn't trust that this will work but within 2 days after the meditation we started talking and we are figuring things out she wants to come back. It is really powerful. Thankyou very much joe for everything ❤.
  • @Nur-ml4kh
    Everytime i finish with this meditation i end up crying with the tears of happiness we are all loved and supported. Turn your head out or in you will see it everywhere ❤ you have no idea how you changed my life Dr.Joe Dispenza. We actually didnt meet or shake hands but i know you you are the best.
  • @calikeisha365
    I will admit Dr. Dispenza’s voice had me laughing out loud the first 2 minutes and then I was in the deepest, strongest meditation ever! So powerful, if you’re struggling with the voice stick with it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!!!! Thank you so much for what you’re doing!
  • I cried and helaed me. I listened to this while on ketamin treatment. Recommend it. Pay it forward. We can all heal. I LOVE you
  • @katc9405
    I did this together with my children. My 8 yo son began to cry. Afterwards he was calm and happy.
  • @jasonscorsese
    I found forgiveness for my mom in a way I couldnt even have imagined in 39 years in a coherence healing and it got so intensified in this GOLOV meditation tonight I was crying like a baby. We are all divine - no matter how our human smallness has temporarily limited us. Dr Joe you have truly channeled something divine here.
  • @lovelymslC
    You’ve changed my life, Dr. Joe Dispenza I am free and believe so much more in myself. So grateful for your light!
  • @latspread3858
    I am listening to this meditation since yeaterday i will do it every day from now I will give updates in 1month
  • @ombrettad5749
    Yesterday morning I meditated and brought my partner, adult children and dog into my heart. Yesterday afternoon, our daughter called out of the blue and we all went to the dog park for a walk. This meditation works marvels for bringing moments of happiness into our lives. Thank you Dr. Joe. ❤️
  • Try doing this meditation for yourself at different ages 😍😍❣️❣️🙌🙌💓💓