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Published 2021-06-03
Deep in the Yellowstone national park resides bear '211', otherwise known as 'Scarface'. Aptly named for his numerous wounds sustained in conflict, this documentary follows the life of Scarface and the other grizzly bears that inhabit the Yellowstone national park.

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Scarface: The World's Most Famous Grizzly Bear (Bear Documentary) | Grizzly Country | Real Wild

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All Comments (21)
  • Tia Chia
    I saw a Grizzly one time in my life in Montana as a child. I will never forget it. Scariest most beautiful thing thats ever happened to me. It showed us how big he was and then made his way back into the woods. Amazing.
  • L
    How wonderful! We are so fortunate that people document this wonderful world that we live in. Thanks to them we are able to learn about these beautiful creatures as without these documentaries we could only imagine what a bears life is like. Such a beautiful film to watch and gave me so much joy!
  • Jo
    I love him, my grandparents worked there for 15 years so I've spent most of my life watching him, it's so sad what happened to him. He was an incredible bear and will always be missed. He was so smart and fun to watch! I miss watching him everytime I go!❤

    If you guys have any questions about him or anything just let me know, I bet I could answer them😊 I love teaching people about the park!
  • Sandra Rawn
    🇨🇦 I love this channel for their documentaries. The music, Beautiful scenery, wildlife, and the narrator are all amazing! Well done to everyone that worked on this wonderful documentary! It's what keeps me coming back to give my thumbs up
    everytime. Thank you to all. Please keep them coming. ..from Ontario Canada 🇨🇦
  • Tabien Pueee
    Really hard to see an animal fall through the ice and struggle til their death. Rest in peace. 🖤
  • “Tangling with a mother grizzly is bad for your health “ 😂😂😂 that one gets me every time
  • Lane Tacker
    What an amazing animal it breaks my heart that he was killed by an idiot 💔 Scarface was not aggressive to people just curious so tragic.. RIP Scarface..
  • seeing Scarface up a mountain, in a snowstorm scavenging pine nuts made me appreciate that cameraman and all the other wildlife photographers who go to extreme lengths in order to share information about our natural world with the rest of us wimps. I cant imagine how long it must take or the skillset necessary in order to capture footage of a mother mountain lion and her cubs or all the other elusive and rarely seen creatures of Earth. Id rather be in a snowstorm on a mountain with bears than in a black cave 3000 feet in the Earth surrounded by bats and spiders - I can already start to feel the anxiety of claustrophobia setting in
  • H-Lo rolltide
    Absolutely incredible footage and so educational! Thank you so much for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed.
  • OldSoul
    This is the greatest documentary on nature I’ve ever watched. Simply astonishing. Thank you!
  • Saurabh Pethe
    We were in Yellowstone last week! It is beautiful. Although we did not see Scarface, we saw another grizzly and a black bear. Loved this video. Kudos to the videography and narration
  • Ann OPPO
    Such a beautiful film to watch and gave me so much joy!
  • Lizzie Sangi
    That was really sweet - the one cub stands up and goes for its' sibling - like, co' mon catch up! - and then runs with him 🥰
  • Kamper Dave
    Thank You for this great memory. While watching Scarface from Dunraven Pass, we encountered an older gentleman and his wife that had been at the scene of the bear fight that mangled the face of this bear known as Scarface. They it was thought at that time that he could never overcome his injuries. From 2008-2018 we worked and lived within the bounds of Yellowstone National Park at Canyon. It was here that Scarface often passed by on his way to and from Lamar and Hayden Valleys, sometimes right through the UPS Ranger/employee camp area and our campsite. The trail from camp to the village was his, as one of the Rangers learned after a close encounter.
  • Thanksbutnothanks
    I love this documentary. Excellent photography and storytelling.
  • Adrea Brooks
    I would have thought that Bart was the world's most famous grizzly. Many have not heard his name, but he was an animal actor who appeared in numerous Hollywood films. He played the titular characters in "The Bear" and "Walking Thunder," the Baldheaded Bear in The Great Outdoors, and a number of other ursine roles (Lost in the Barrens, Benji the Hunted, Legends of the Fall, etc.). On the whole, if there was a grizzly in a movie during the 80s and 90s, it was probably Bart. He was even nominated for an Oscar - though it wasn't awarded because animal actors aren't permitted to receive Academy Awards.
  • vernon bowling
    Amazing what wild animals must endure from food to weather it seems they have everything against them.
  • Jampa Surprenant
    An awesome documentary about a beautiful wildlife creature of all animals some of them are very unique and they are living .
  • Sinnerboy
    Great documentary so far, I watched the first half hour and I'll be back later and watch the rest. Really enjoying it. Thanks for uploading. I love Bears.