Michael Jackson - Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)

Published 2019-03-03
Michael Jackson - Live In Bucharest (The Dangerous Tour)
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Watch Michael Jackson's first leg on his Dangerous World Tour (October 1, 1992) at the Bucharest National Stadium, with a sold-out attendance of 90,000.

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All Comments (21)
  • Ronald King
    No curse words, no violence, no putting anyone down! Just songs that inspire, love, care, show compassion, heal, uplifting and sometime sad :( There Will Never Be Another, The One And Only Michael Jackson! We Love You, We Miss You Michael!
  • Л
    Лучший среди лучших!!!!!!!земля тебе будет пухом,людская любовь к тебе будет вечной!!!!!
  • Cheyenne Vaes
    I keep loving how he can make half the crowd faint but just doing nothing and then make the other half faint by simply turning his head. He's a true legend🤣
  • Onell Nellstine
    Honestly Michael Jackson is so irreplaceable in this life or the next... For he is so unique both in voice and dance performance. Am glad knowing you while you were alive. Remain the LEGEND that you were forever.
  • Barbie
    Greatest entertainer there ever was. No one can touch his performance. He was loved by many. Plus he was ripped off by the people he trusted. Now you can have your childhood back. RIP Michael ❤❤❤❤
  • Reinaldo Rocha
    Vamos lá rei do pop um show de muitas emoções que explodiu o mundo inteiro com o seu maior sucesso 💓💖💝
  • Carlos Llamoca
    - 2:20 Jam
    - 8:55 Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
    - 15:15 Human Nature
    - 21:25 Smooth Criminal
    - 26:40 I Just Can't Stop Loving You
    - 33:35 She's Out Of My Life
    - 38:40 I Want You Back
    - 40:51 The Love You Save - I'll Be There
    - 46:00 Thriller
    - 51:35 Billie Jean
    - 1:03:10 Workin' Day and Night
    - 1:13:10 Beat It
    - 1:23:50 Will You Be There
    - 1:30:20 Black Or White
    - 1:37:00 Heal The World
    - 1:46:20 Man In The Mirror
    Enjoy! I only have to say... I'm very jealous for those who were at that concert... :')
    Thanks for Everything, MJ!
  • Mary Goh
    Until today 2022 Michael is still the best the legend never die. He is still the top no one can ever replace him, really miss him deeply. He will always live in my heart, love him most.
  • Priscila
    Eu assisti o show todo, daí só voltei no começo pra ver ele parado novamente, quando percebi tava assistindo o show de novo 😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤❤🎉
  • Jasmyne Marsh
    The best concert, performance, showcase in history. This concert right here was the “This Is It” , I swear. He gave his all. Rest in peace, Michael Jackson ❤ 1:58:35
  • Tania Rowland
    Nobody like Michael!! ... He is singing and dancing and his vocals are still awesome. He truly was the king of pop.
  • 🇧🇷🇺🇸. Happy 2023 for my king and everyone. An unforgettable year for everyone. A genius in all ages. Year ends, year begins, always listening to the songs of our king. Its great classic and masterpiece. Michael J. always transforming our lives. The star, the phenomenon, the legend. The greatest artist the world has ever seen. Your astronomical talent. Retrospective 2022, the unforgettable and special year for our king. Some things happened this year.
    * The most expected event this year was the 40th anniversary of the legendary Thriller album. Release of a special Thriller 40 years album, with some unpublished songs.
    * This year, with the release of Thriller 40. The Thriller and Beat It clips went to 4k, the Wanna Be Startin' Somethin clip got a new animated version. The other clips from the album have a new cover with a modern design.
    * Michael J. won on his, most certified birthday for his album and songs.
    * The King of Pop movie is finally going to be made. I hope it's a great movie The Life and Career of the King.
    * MJ the musical won trophies. Best musical.
    * Great success Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil.
    * The They Don't Care About Us clip is near hitting the new 1 billion views mark.
    * And there are other clips that are close to 1 billion views Beat It, Thriller, in the wake have several others.
    * You Tube page view records more than 13.4 billion views on all clips.
    * On YouTube there are more than 27 million subscribers. On his page.
    * Your most played songs in the world.
    * Our king wins more and more awards every year.
    * Your albums earn more and more certificates every year.
    * Every day your music gets more and more views on various platforms.
    * Our king completed 51 years of a very successful career.
    * The artist has fans worldwide 5.7 billion fans.
    Most imitated artist in the world. His dance moves have taught dance schools around the world. Parte Our king left countless unpublished works and songs. He won several awards. Even after his death, he had several Records both in his solo and when he was part of his brothers' group. The king don't stop!!!!! The Thriller album reached 120 million copies sold. This number increases every day, all over the world. Among other things. That's why he is so unique, unsurpassed. He is owns, of best albums. It has the greatest album of all time, Thriller. Record sales of your records around the world and grow even more every day. He, is owns other successful albums such as: Bad, Dangerous, History, Blood On The Dance Floor and Invincible Xscape. He, is owner of the songs, most beautiful, memorable, unforgettable and very current, until today. Michael J. becomes the first singer in American history to own multiple Diamond singles and albums. Before 'Beat It' and 'Thriller' (the song), the 1987 album Bad earned 11x Platinum certification. Michael Jackson, eternal king of pop, the only one capable of excelling in both singing and dancing. He left an indelible mark on popular culture over the last fifty years, going down a path no one else has trod, turning video into film and elevating pop to an art form. Michael Jackson revolutionized the history of world pop music. According to Guinness, Michael is the greatest pop artist in history. It has remained on the Top 100 list since 1969 without interruption. The artist, throughout his career, has sold well over 1.5 billion copies of his albums. What did you expect, king of dancing, other than perfection? Too bad you're not here to celebrate your fans, all that. He is simply the King of Pop forever. Once king, he never loses his majesty. In 2022, the best album of all time, Thriller completed 40 years of very successful. From here more 10 years this legendary album turns 50 years old. Happy new year my love. This year that is about to begin, there are even more records. You deserve everything, all the Records.
    The New Year starts with missing you so much. The only consolation is their beautiful songs that touch our heart and soul. His beautiful and perfect clips made him the greatest artist in the world. Your shows are perfect. It shows the music and dance art of a great artist. His videos and photos are a unique reminder that he conquered the world.
    Happy 2023. Year of much success in memory of our king. Fans of our king organized, party celebrates 65 years Michael Jackson, in 2023 will have many tributes. Love, from your fans, every year make beautiful tributes of all kinds. You,is most beautiful king, in the world. You already more, will be forgotten. In the hearts of your fans, you are as alive as ever. My love from other lives. I wish I could go back in time to have you back. In my heart you are more alive than ever. The connection with you is from other lives, I love you so much. I will love you for all centuries. I will always love you until the end of time. Absolute king 👑👑👑👑🎼 🎵🎶. King of my heart forever. Love of my whole life. I will live to love you forever, and beyond life, this love too big to live in just one life, to live in all. 💝💛💚💙❤️💝.

    Maiara 💜💘❤️🧡🇧🇷🇺🇸..
  • 0% pornography
    0% bad language
    0% Expensive Cars
    100% Talent and dedication
  • Sunny
    If you ever saw him live in concert, consider yourself lucky 😭🥺 ❤
    I wish I had ❤🥺
    1:15:00 camera man's foot can't handle the beat 😂
    1:16:00 Goosebumps 🥴🤩❤🤯
    1:43:00 Beautiful ❤
    1:50:57 Michael the name means a gift from God 😊 I named one of my sons Michael 🥰
    Perfect concert, perfect ending song, love how he acknowledges everyone in his crew. He was one of a kind ❤❤❤
  • Mark Reedy
    Been sick for like a week, and needed something to wake me up. Can always count on the KING 🤴 🙌 👏 There will never be such celebrity again.
  • 0:00 Dangerous Intro
    2:20 Jam
    8:58 Wanna Be Startin Something
    15:15 Human Nature
    20:26 Smooth Criminal Intro
    21:27 Smooth Criminal
    26:40 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You Intro
    28:43 I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (ft. Siedah Garrett)
    33:36 She’s Out Of My Life
    38:38 Jackson 5 Medley
    38:44 I Want You Back
    39:49 The Love You Save
    40:52 I’ll Be There
    45:35 Thriller
    51:38 Billie Jean
    59:50 Black Panther Dance
    1:03:10 Working Day And Night
    1:13:13 Beat It
    1:20:56 Will You Be There Intro
    1:23:55 Will You Be There
    1:30:23 Black Or White Intro
    1:31:58 Black Or White
    1:38:20 Heal The World
    1:46:23 Man In The Mirror
    1:53:59 Rocket Man/Final Part
  • Chefdaee
    I woke up out my sleep to this on my tv… It’s 2022 almost 2023 I think they must have forgotten who Michael was!! Wouldn’t be no Chris brown, Sza, Usher etc.. if it wasn’t for this man!! The crowd is literally fainting from his very being.. No one could EVER take his place. The king of Pop/R&B. Y am I crying tho??😂😢