Art Improvement Meme (2009 - 2022)

Published 2022-08-01
I'm way late to this trend but you know what who cares

I finally sat down and got it done, and I'm so proud of me for not losing my mind trying to edit this
(also thank goodness I didn't burn out on this song from listening to it over and over because its really good)

I had originally planned to start the video with drawings from my first sketchbook (during 6th grade) but then I got ahold of some of my REALLY old art and thought, 'why not start at the very beginning?'
The first artwork is the earliest one I or my mom could find, from when I was just 3
Just a little baby kid that wanted to play with some paints

Choosing all of these drawings out of old sketchbooks was really fun
I hadn't seen a few of these in years and surprisingly wasn't as horrified by them as I expected I would be

So yeah uhhhh (insert sappy statement about following your dreams and perseverance here) bye

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