KSI is the funniest minecraft player ever

Published 2021-03-26

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  • Ph1LzA
    This felt like a fucking fever dream on my stream lmao
  • Darkomode
    KSI: gets hit into lava
    Dream: tps him
    KSI: falls again
    Dream: tps him again
    KSI: dies
  • JJD 2007
    KSI swears
    Tommy: Hey ay ay ay don’t speak to me like that
    KSI doesn’t swear
    Tommy: visible confusion
  • d lee
    For some reason, one of the most wholesome moments in history is KSI and Bad talking about the skeleton horse together, what an unlikely friendship connection hahaha
  • Shrek
    KSI: dies
    Dream: "He discovered what gravity is."
  • SoulSlayer
    Dream escapes Sam finds him and arrests him again
  • Darcey.F
    BBH:”Quackity is funny”
    Tommy:”well I’m funny”
    BBH:”he is funnier”
    skeleton walks in and points his bow at BBH’s head
  • Kelp
    Bad: "Well he's funnier"
    Skeleton: And I took that personally
  • Tesla Rudisill
    Bad took "if you swear, you burn in hell" to a whole new level.
  • Badboyhalo: “no but he’s funnier.”
    Skelton with a bow comes in aiming at Badboyhalo
  • Olivia
    Dream saying "I'm out of prison" and Phil dying is always hilarious
  • Dreams Infant
    KSI: *falls*

    Dream: “Hes discovered what gravity is”
  • 8:37 The timing when bad said "hes funnier" and the skeleton entering and aiming at him was soooo good
  • Kayla Grady
    I love how Dream loves to mess with Bad’s hatred of swearing too lol
  • Technobald
    "I'm funny"
    "Quackity is funnier"
    Skeleton: Did you just Insult Tommyinnit
  • TheBandanaDee
    The way Dream said "I am...out of prison!" And then Philza fucking DIES laughing always gets me.
  • Y3etus D3letus
    BBH: I mean, he's funnier

    Tommy: ...