I Survived Cheapest vs Most Expensive Gym

Published 2022-08-25
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All Comments (21)
  • matt
    The worst rated gym is way better than my local gym
  • JohnathenDean
    Honestly it looks like the only problem with the first gym was overcrowding. For $15 a month in NYC that's amazing
  • Caba Paul
    Considering that you can go to the first gym for 20 months with the same money you would pay for an 1 month subscription at the second one, I think that the "worst rated gym" is not bad at all
  • HellFire
    I am so proud you survived this. It must have been really tough.
  • TraderOfGods GT
    For $300 a month, I could get myself a neat little home-gym after a year
  • I have worked with Life Fitness machines before... I don't know that they do to produce such awesome budget friendly machines, that every gym owner can afford without 2nd thought...
  • Dudes
    "It is not about the gym, it is about your power of will to change your bod" Love your videos Jesse big inspiration!
  • Jordan Garriques
    this man never dissapoints with the bangers. Keep em going jesse😁
  • Csaba Komives
    Another thing that stuck out to me was that at the 15$gym the people were a lot more muscular,some poeple at the 300$ gym look liked they don't even work out
  • Grace
    You should review the best college gyms
  • KyleTriesFitness
    Despite being busy there's nothing wrong with the "worst" gym
  • Benjamin Raff
    That one guy in the "worst rated" gym was wearing khakis. That's commitment.
  • MeloKing
    I love the videos Jesse! You’ve been such a huge inspiration in my workout journey!
  • Moses Thurman
    I love you Jesse and seriously love how far you’ve come!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Mike Lorenz
    I just started watching your channel a month ago, finally caught up here! I'll admit I didn't care for you at first but you definitely grew on me. i Judged the shit about what type of person you come off as but you are very positive, genuine, and inspirational. Thanks for the vids and good luck with everything you've accomplished. I'm 40 years old and getting back into fitness before its too late. I cant work out like i did in my 20s but watching videos from you and many others gives me the motivation i need. Stay relentless brother!
  • I love that my 40$/month chain-gym has better equipment than the 300$ gym shown in this video, with classes (spin/dance/boxing etc.), bodyscan included in the price.
    It seems like these insanely expensive gyms you find in the bigger cities around the world are targeted for people who wants their workout to be more "instagramable" and exclusive.
    Awesome video Jesse, keep up the good work 😀
  • miskee11
    I've trained in 6 different gyms for at least 3 months or longer. My price range was 16.66€/month (1 year deal) to 49.90€/month. In my case, the most expensive gym did turn out to be the best one and the cheapest gym was the worst one, but generally speaking I enjoy gyms in the 25-30€/month range the most. They tend to provide all of the necessary equipment at the best prices.

    The 49.90€ gym was the best by far, as it not only had 3 deadlift platforms, 6 squat racks and 3 competition quality benches, but it also had the most caring entrepreneur owner I had ever seen. The dude was there training every day himself, even when he broke his leg. He kept getting new pieces of equipment there, and he well and truly loved that business. The gym also had some things that are rare, but absolutely awesome, like strongman equipment, a seal row bench, a plate-loadable viking press machine and a massaging machine.

    My current gym is 24.90€/month, and has 2 squat racks, 2 benches and 0 deadlift platforms (I just deadlift on the rubber floor), but it also has good bars, good plates, good benches, a handful of exceptional machines and I have a membership benefit allowing me to bring a friend for free 3 times a week -- a benefit which I have used a lot. The dumbbell selection is very weak (only up to 40 kg), so I can only use them for accessory work. I still enjoy it, though, as it's a very quiet, clean and orderly gym despite not being serious at all.

    Just for reference, I do enjoy a fairly minimalistic approach to training. My goals are strength-oriented, and I don't mind working out with just a bar and weights if nothing else is available. I've never been into bodybuilding. My current program only requires a bench, a power rack, weights and a bar, as I do most of my accessories with bands at home.

    If you like more variety in your training, upgrading can be good, but to me it isn't strictly necessary. Even if you like variety, you can always just get creative and do obscure lifts with weird techniques and save tens, if not hundreds of dollars a month.
    The first gym seemed like a gym you would go to right out of high school or while youre in high school. The equinox definitely looked like a gym you would go to once you have your career or extra cash to pay for the luxury experience.
  • carbon FN
    One of my biggest workout inspirations! Thank you Jesse
  • honestly if you want to workout you can do it with the cheap one you dont need the extremely fancy museum thing
    great video jesseee