New Killer Vecna "The Lich" (Mori, Power, Map, Perks...) | Dead by Daylight PTB

Published 2024-05-14
First time checking out the new Killer "The Lich" also known as Vecna (from the original Dungeons & Dragons mythology, NOT the Vecna from Stranger Things). As well as the new Survivor and Map. This content is currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC (Steam) and will come to the live servers in about 3 weeks!

00:00 - Intro
01:16 - Killer Menu Animation
06:08 - New Map & Killer in action
11:11 - Locker pull animation
13:23 - Mori Animation
14:00 - Exploring the Dungeon
18:42 - Grab animation
20:54 - Survivor Perks Explained*
24:40 - Funniest Interaction
29:04 - Killer Addons (first impressions)

*Still Sight now shows the aura of the Killer as well.

Thumbnail 3D render by @Ev3ntic.

All Comments (21)
  • @dattallas3123
    This killer: Looks pretty complicated The trapper: Oh, look, the bear trap.
  • @jinguini8001
    12:35 watching the “damn that mimic is FUCKABLE” comment get deleted in real time is so funny
  • @jackbob83
    I bet Stranger Things fans shat themselves with joy after hearing “Vecna” and then shat themselves with grief after realizing it’s the D&D guy, not the Stranger Things Season 4 guy
  • @MTakaa
    "Bro lets t-bag the killer in gate" "Nah bro we'll play them a song"
  • 1:28 Yknow he may be a biomutant killer, monster, and terrorist but Alex Mercer is a pretty damn good VA
  • @lukepalm9586
    I can't wait for Ellen Ripley from the hit movie Alien to pull out a lute and start playing against the demogorgon from stranger things
  • @Modeus.
    Bardic Inspiration, Dramaturgy, Autodidact, and Plunderer's Instinct. The gambler build. Gamble with friends, gamble whilst in chase, gamble when healing, and gamble during your free time. I love gambling.
  • @The_ace-1233
    The Bard perk is so fucking funny. Imagine your on the ground bleeding out and your friend is just vibing next to you
  • @tribork
    The funniest part is that it’s not different chests being mimics that keeps getting them, the survivors keep opening the same chest constantly forgetting it’s a mimic
  • @BlueBD
    "I will play my role.... for now" That line has a TON of lore implications.
  • BHVR was thinking of giving Vecna the Testicular Torsion spell (Ovarian Torsion for the ladies) but they figured that was too OP.
  • The tweens in the Twitter post saying how this is off-brand Vecana because its not the Stranger Things character has finally made me an angry old man
  • @Spaceman-wx1jn
    The dungeon underneath the map is so well done, and surprisingly big, even more than 1 gen spawns down there.
  • Imagine being a literal knight and then getting upstaged by a literal god joining your game on your team. I'm glad DbD is taking DnD's approach to martial vs caster balance, they truly respect the source material
  • @soulfliktion
    "I can change my power" Knight is literally crying in the corner rn
  • @lmn_godie2598
    1:26 It's voiced by Matt Mercer, the Voice Actor, not to be confused with Alex Mercer, the bio-terrorist
  • @utes5532
    Trapper in the corner looking at his 16th-century animal trap while brand deal McGee over here gets 4 powers lmao
  • @Thoast_
    Its funny my first thought on vecna was that it seemed complicated. And yet the moment I got into it, it was one of the most fun killers I've played in a while. Also in case its not shown in the video, the lich has a "2nd mori" in the same sense as the executioner does, if a survivor on death hook has attuned with the hand or eye of vecna, vecna can do a 'artifact retrieval' Which is a quick mori