Journey Into Yourself, Way Of the Shaman

Published 2008-10-18
This avicut is from the movie Blueberry (2004) where we meet with native shamanistic culture of 18th century North America and witness the spiritual importance of entheogenic plant teachers.

"The spirits of the plant can teach you the secrets of life." This spirit is the very spirit of human and human psyche awoken by the plant brew

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  • @ClearTheRubble7
    @terransage When the woman says, "You will know fear and suffer," before he takes the drink, that reminded me of what I'd just been through. I didn't understand it at the time, but the suffering I experienced was the borderline between my old, miserable life and one of growth and freedom. (I still have a long way to go, but at least I'm going.) One thing it taught me was to never take anything for granted ever again! Thanks for this great post.
  • @silverblue73
    a surprisingly accurate visual depiction of what is seen and felt during a psychedelic experience...
  • @TeaPourSixFour
    Good to be on the path of looking for similar videos today and find this. Haven't seen the film in a while~ Spring is a good time for such things, cleansings, journeys, and this will be the Year Of the Snake. Good time for shedding, and honoring snake energy. Thx for that truncated 7 minute mystic version. My partner and I think (in the longer film version) the animations are some of the most authentic "huasca visions" we've ever seen. Thank you. Peace.
  • @user-ht4gb2fw4e
    i would say every vision is a test. a test of self control and faith. if, at the end, yer sittin there in one piece with youre mind intact, you have entered a new level of awareness. mine is only the opinion of an observer.
  • @mindvolution
    I understand what you mean, I experience the same magic! This reality resonanse is described as "synchronicity" by Carl G.Jung. This is exactly what is ment by "mind-matter interaction", your mentality and state of your mind guide the way reality behaves for you. Reality does resemble an organism-like structure with which we interact trough our minds. It is incredible! Also watch the "Quantum entanglement and the power of intention" video in my channel! :]
  • @pajamarock
    i cant explain why this fit in with the story of my life...
    it would sound crazy
    i am amazed everyday by things like this that happen

    things resonate with me
    thanks for posting this
  • @MsRavenDancer
    Wonderful movie, I loved it. I am going to do an ayahuasca ceremony next year. I can't wait!
  • @36adrix
    Aici datorită cărții ,,Nu e târziu niciodată" 🙏
  • @alxxfly
    You are NOT alone brothers.
    We are millions NOW!
  • @11secghia
    worked on this movie in copper cyn. mexico great peoplegreat scenery!!
  • @ClearTheRubble7
    I'd been through a lot of hell as a kid and grew up with all kinds of fears, bad habits, etc.. I lived life as a "slave" to other people. When I finally decided to face my fears and follow the path of my dreams, that's when I experienced the worst hell of my life, to the point where I wanted to die. I couldn't even feed myself anymore and almost became homeless. After two years of that I had a "vision" that everything would be okay, and slowly but surely things kept getting better.
  • @dharmadoll1
    As I was in my meditation, I had a vision of eyes facing mine, then the head belonging to the eyes was that of a cat. It looked like my cat that transitioned 2 years ago. I then felt something on my back just below my neck. My cat use to climb my back and rub my back just below my neck.

    I also feel and am very much in the moment. Thank you for this meditation technique
  • @mindvolution
    @terransage : Terran, "There is no realization without pain" C.G. Jung ... Be strong, keep on walking, be honest with yourself, seek, ponder, think. Don't be afraid, fear is worthless when not used for immediate self-preservation. Even for self-preservation fear is not needed for the one who wields him/herself.

    Keep walking!
  • @mindvolution
    Yes, with your mind intact. Knowledge could be a pretty heavy load to bear and that is why the old wise persons always warn the seeker to venture with caution, because awareness expansion leads to loneliness and could as well lead to madness. I personally, prefer knowledge to ignorance, as heavy as it is. This way at least I can appreciate that I am a conscious being, not just a biological machine
  • @AirAssault7
    Great vid. I might have to get a copy of this film.
  • @BoyBlueberry
    I will try to find this movie, I want to watch it. Especially when Temuera Morrison is in the movie:D
  • @mindvolution
    Your inner fears as in your inner "demons". I have drank Ayahuasca once, it was a strong mix between Jurema, Chacruna and Rue. The experience was very vivid and visual. All my thoughts, impressions and memories were rolling visually in front of my mind's eye and the whole time I had the persistent effect of "deja vu" I felt that everything I thought was not new and the whole situation is something I have experienced before.... Have you had a 'deja vu' feeling with Ayahuasca trip ?