Evolution of PlayStation (Animation)

Published 2022-12-24
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From the original PlayStation all the way to the PlayStation 5, this is the Evolution of the PlayStation!
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00:00 Intro
00:42 Origins of PlayStation
01:36 PlayStation 1
07:43 PocketStation
08:58 NordVPN (Sponsor)
10:02 PlayStation 2
14:57 PSX (2003)
15:48 PlayStation Portable (PSP)
20:00 PlayStation 3
26:18 PlayStation Vita
28:44 PlayStation TV
29:40 PlayStation 4
34:08 PlayStation Classic
35:18 PlayStation 5
39:13 PlayStation VR2

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  • @Flatlife
    We hope you enjoy the updated version of the Evolution of PlayStation, we've been working on it for months! Merry Christmas! 🎄 And thanks for NordVPN for sponsoring this video! Go to nordvpn.com/flatlife to get a huge discount off the 2-year plan
  • Just a note: most of the times “NES” was said in the 1st PlayStation section it means the SNES, or at least it should. Also, the PS2 Slim was released in 2004.
  • I still remember when this channel had about 29K subs and I was wondering why since it was so underrated. Super glad to see that the channel is still thriving and I wish a Merry Christmas to everyone 🎄❄❤💚❤
  • Playstation history is such a nostalgia trip, I and my brothers went through all of it! For us, the best gaming brand. Watching this video I relived many unforgettable moments, met so many people, made so many friends. Not to mention all this made bonding with my family possible. So much to say. I'm sure many experienced the same with Xbox and Nintendo. Whatever you choose is the best choice!
  • @Mystery_Man84
    The original PlayStation still means the most to me. I remember it came out in 1995 & it was such an upgrade over systems like Nintendo or Sega Genesis. So iconic…
  • Ps2 slim was released in 2005 I remember as a kid getting it lol😊
  • @deans4512
    That PlayStation 5 is incredible🤩👍
  • @weedboy9801
    That psp intro is so refreshing man I miss the days of psp it was really ahead of his time
  • I remember getting a Sega Saturn for my birthday the year that the PlayStation came out and it turned out to be defective so we returned it and got a PlayStation instead. Best mishap that ever happened when I was a kid, my dad and I used to spend hours playing Tomb Raider over and over, ah the nostalgia 🥲
  • Amazing video! I learned a lot of things today. This must have taken ages to animate, but definitely worth it. Happy holidays!
  • I really enjoyed this. The PS3 and the PS5 are my gaming console favs. Still, I didn't know much about Sony or the past PlayStation models and spin-offs. I really liked learning!!
  • Just got my PS5 the other day; what an amazing machine. Now I have each main Sony console from 1 to 5, and they have not disappointed! Great video, I love learning the history of gaming, especially with my favorite consoles :)
  • @tylershaffer3952
    Just watched this whole thing. That was awesome! Thank you for posting!
  • The problem with the ps3 was it’s complex architecture. Having dedicated allocations for functions meant that you could create some truly stunning games (silent hill). But it was incredibly difficult to code for (and emulate). This meant that a lot of games didn’t use the consoles impressive processing capabilities and had a bad reputation from developers who much preferred the simpler options of their rivals
  • @DawsonsMemes
    We all remember how the PS2 Slim released in 2014 don’t we?
  • Your video’s are so cool I can see you put a lot of effort and heart into your animations.
  • This is definitely one of my favourite videos to watch on YouTube. Thanks for making great content Flatlife 😀👍