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About Flatlife

It’s fascinating to see how much technology and companies have evolved over the years. We want to create the most interesting evolution videos on YouTube by answering questions like:

- How did Nintendo go from making playing cars in 1889 to the amazing Nintendo consoles in stores today?
- How did Tesla revolutionize the car industry forever by creating the best electric cars on the market?
- How did Boeing evolve from small propellor aircraft to the enormous airplanes we see flying in the sky today?
- How did Minecraft go from a small indie game developed by one guy to the most sold game of all time?

My name is Thomas, and I love making animations to show educative topics in an interesting and fun way. If you want to learn about the evolution of Tesla, Xbox, PlayStation, iPhone, Nintendo, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, iMac, Ferrari, Halo, Minecraft, Boeing, and many others, then make sure you Subscribe!

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