Published 2022-08-27
This was brutal 😂 See Hudson bust 24 more myths:    • Busting 24 MYTHS in 24 HOURS!  
See Most OUTRAGEOUS PRANKS In 24 HOURS! | Jordan Matter    • Video  

Thanks Airrack and Stokes Twins for the inspiration!
Airrack Busting 100 Myths:    • Busting 100 Myths In 24 Hours!  
Stokes Twins Busting 200 Myths:    • BUSTING 200 MYTHS IN 50 HOURS!!  

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10 People vs Human Calculator!    • 10 People vs 1 Human Calculator!  

Salish challenged me to a father vs daughter photo shoot with Sofie Dossi and Anna McNulty:    • FATHER vs DAUGHTER Acro Photo Challen...  

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Video by Sandy Chase

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  • @jordanmatter
    Do you want to Facetime us? Watch the full video to find out how!
  • @zulupenguin
    The egg drop on Jordan‘s head. It was very funny. 😂😂😂😂
  • @bobowen7755
    My favourite myth is the one where you told salish who is the favourite child😊❤❤
  • @dmister5804
    My favourite is the one about the chocolate 😂 Jordan, so funny
  • @HunterHill
    Great video Jordan!! You’re always pushing the limits well done!!
  • @Amelia_11224
    I love it when Jordan busted a myth that sharks can smell blood
  • I love you both you are the best youtuber I've been watching you since you started youtube
  • @user-si3ff5qp9i
    Jordan you have to check in with the twinkie and see if it expired ir not!!!!!!!! You are my favourite youtuber keep up the amazing work
  • @angel_slayzz
    i love the myth when girl need to be protected 😂😂
  • Parents love their kids equally 😂😂. I have 7 younger siblings !!! I you videos sm Jordan!!!! My second favorite was probably the ballon one!! Salish has such great energy and I wish we could be friends!!
  • @NovaDANCE-
    Who doesn’t love Jordan when he just gets better and better! ❤️❤️
  • @davivlogssss
    My favorite myth was the girls need to be protected! Salish is strong and I believe in her to become an amazing gymnast! I watched mist of all of your guys’d videos so, I am happy you made a new one! Thank you! I am hoping I get a FaceTime with my favorite YouTubers!❤
  • @cutebear1319
    I love how you use Salish and Hudson as your tester!😂 I have been watching your videos for so long. I remember Salish when she was just a little girl!💝😘
  • @briannypineda
    I liked it all of them. I watch your videos. You’re are the best, Youtubers. team Salish. girl power.
  • Hi Mr.Jordan and Salish! I am your no.1 fan! I really wanna facetime you but i know i cant... My favorite myth was the 🍉 explosion! Edit: It is the first time I got 14 likes so thank you!