2 Brothers A Chicago Lifestyle Season 2 Episode 1

Published 2019-09-25
its been 2 years since Justin tangled with KD, now he is the the boss and supplier of the east side, Jeremiah and O graduates high school and are on the new chapter of life, tune into see what they have in store

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  • Wait don’t scroll and pass my comment: I hope everyone reading this has a successful life and be rich and live your best life cause u only have 1 life❤️❤️❤️
  • @Nbtoc
    Best yt show like if true
  • Omg I got so happy when the Notification came across my phone 😆❣️
  • @ashantyna
    I love her mindset 😍😭, that’s right pooh, be independent & have your own....this just made my night
  • @CynaeSimone
    I was refreshing at 7:59 and at 8 but I forgot that Chicago is 1 hour behind Detroit🤦🏾‍♀
  • @Ftocrazyyn
    Let’s go it finally back I’ve been waiting so long and my birthday is the 26 September
  • @ctb6303
    "Who are you" If Justin says "Demon Of The East" Ima Go Crazy hype
  • I started crying when I seen them with the cap and gowns on 😩😩 they really did it
  • @1upent
    I ain’t gone cap I love this show especially as I young man living this and figuring out what life really is I respect what you are doing and how your telling this story keep the episodes coming watched all of season 1 and this episode in 2 days
  • @londaa_wondaa
    Im sooo happy yall bacck. Ive been waiting for yall to drop the new season💯💜😜
  • Man💜💜I wish I could just go to Chicago and tell y’all that this show is amazing 😭💜🤧
  • @showtimedomm
    Finally I’ve been wanting to see this for months
  • Omg I’ve been waiting 😭😭 I’m so happy 💛 I love this show‼️
  • Thank u lord I been waiting on this I got happy asf when I seen the notification 😩☺️
  • @cappo730
    Let's get it bruh I been waiting for this and its finnaly here💯✅