Tyla - Truth or Dare (Official Music Video)

Published 2024-02-02

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  • @NicoleKirkland
    Clean, classic, creative, original… UN-CORNY. brilliant really. She’s going to single-handedly save music.
  • @Rezilienza
    Let's be honest. Tyla has NEVER released a bad song!
  • Love the creativity, the vibe, the energy, the wit, her beauty, just everything. ❤❤❤ you Tyla. Stay YOU!!!
  • @torihampton6807
    The beat is crazy! Definitely representing that African/Caribbean vibe.
  • @nasimaleem
    There’s something about this album roll out that really makes me believe tyla has an amazing team behind her which is so crucial for a successful career. The blow up of water, then releasing an “ep” so people can get to know her sound, releasing the music video after the song starts picking up traction while also leaving enough room for time before the album release. I mean I haven’t seen something so calculated yet still very natural like this in a very long time. keep doing you girl ❤
  • @ej_006
    AFRICAAAA❤❤❤❤❤ Stand up. I’m a Nigerian but I’m so proud of Tyla
  • @hiroshiadaniya
    chasing her down just to cheat on her again. 😂 arrest him!!!!
  • @Ayylonii
    tyla did it again bruh like wdf🔥🥵
  • @viszs.
    it's insane how she already has a grammy, im so excited for her prime to come
  • Without an album out yet...Tyla has scooped up a grammy. This girl has taken the world by storm and Im here for her journey! We loooooove you.
  • Nobody has had such a beautiful start in their music career like this since Rihanna in 2005… I’m excited on Tyla’s behalf. South Africans are lit AF🇿🇦
  • @zandeadams5270
    TYLA's music videos never disappoints.I MEAN SHE'S THE WHOLE PACKAGE
  • @teraramaoka1909
    So creative. ❤️ that man's ego not recovering 😝 so proud of our Gone girl 🇿🇦🐯🐯🐯🐯
  • @EvelynDaniel413
    Tyla dun went off 2 da next level like fr fr 💖 a u t h e n t I c v i e w s 💖 is what got them HUGE!
  • @olivaclara
    This song hits different when you single Deadlift workout music right here a u t h e n t I c v i e w s dun took Tyla oFf 2 da big leagues and fo dat I will always be super grate
  • @NallahBrown
    No dancing. But a story was told! “You used to treat me just like everyone. Now you care?” Tyla’s character stayed in her feminine energy, used her magnetism to snatch those keys off of him at the end. She did not fold. She stayed in her power. I loved it. It was simple and dope