Bombshell Report Ties January 6 Organizers to GOP Congress Members: A Closer Look

Published 2021-10-25
Seth takes a closer look at a bombshell new report that alleges GOP members of Congress had planning sessions with organizers that led to the January 6 insurrection.

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Bombshell Report Ties January 6th Organizers to GOP Congress Members: A Closer Look - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

All Comments (21)
  • Jim R
    Video aside: Seth is by far the best traditional late night host out there. How he addressed the joke falling kindve flat around the 13 minute mark? Seth is the consummate comedian.
  • M.J. Fields
    I adore this show. Without Seth, Amber and the Daily show, I'd have very little to make me laugh this way about reality.. which I find necessary.
  • MariaVosa
    I just love how relaxed Seth has become with the audience.
  • Justin Land
    Kinda hard for organizers to continue to claim what they thought they were doing was legal if they expected to need pardons
  • zuzupetalsnyc
    Seth’s on fire in the best possible way. He’s taken what he found in that attic and alchemized it with the audience (the return of which I admittedly had some doubts about). It is pure gold.
  • Kath Estarion
    That’s one of the funniest Closer Looks I’ve ever seen. It’s hard getting used to the audience being back, so it was fun that you referenced it. The awful part is, the issues you’re talking about are so serious. If it can be proven that there were Republicans involved in the planning of January 6, that’s a real game changer. MTG’s screaming match, was just a dumb move. She exposed herself, yet again, as a liar, a bully and Trump’s good little girl. I hope the DOJ has the power to investigate those named in the Rolling Stone article. That would get rid of,at least, some of the crazies.
  • Katie Hettinger
    The fact the insurrectionist wanted "blanket pardons" shows they knew what they were planning was illegle.
  • Dean Dulude
    I can’t believe how much impression camp has helped that Seth he’s nailing it
  • Madrid Zone 7
    It was in PLAIN sight that REPUBS even gave tours at the capitol the day before!

    And yes Seth.
    Senate is like the 13th grade of high school .
  • Logan Outlaw
    thank you seth for doing this for us. thank you to the crew and all involved.
  • Greg Nicholls
    Just love the way Seth seems to be enjoying himself showing that great smile.
  • One of my things about this is that even when there is proof and hard facts, NOTHING happens! Are any of these GOP folks involved going to lose their jobs or face imprisonment? Are any of these folks going to be banned from holding a political office ever again?

    Our country is broken because there are politicians who are actively undermining the laws and principles for their own purposes. Why are all, okay most, of our politicians in the same realm? They're alumnus of the same schools, they're of similar backgrounds, and they are privileged and want to maintain that privilege. They aren't working for the majority of the country.

    It's just a gross violation of their office/positions.
  • Earth AngeL
    ALL those Congress members need to be investigated. PERIOD!!
  • Ville Hytönen
    Even Paul Gosar's siblings campaigned against him. That's all you need to know about him.
  • ray24051
    It's amazing that anywhere else if someone displayed such atrocious Behavior at their job they would be fired on the spot but this woman continues to get away with her toddler like Behavior.
  • Nicki Boozer
    Omg ! This Closer Look was hilarious ! The impressions , CIA fraud dept , Chester cheetah !! I couldn’t stop laughing ! I love ya Seth !
  • Sorrel555
    Low key, Seth’s Trump impersonation is in God mode lol. Absolutely love his Trump… he gets the stream of consciousness part down!
  • Glass Wolf
    "He's on his hands and knees in the parking lot, looking for votes.." I'm LMAO.
  • ForeverMe543
    I love Seth sassing the audience for not laughing at his jokes 😂
  • Nerfherder42
    Knowing Biden swears a lot, makes me like him more.