ASMR | 🤯 1 Hour of Brain Melting Tuning Fork Vibrations! [NO TALKING, Deep Sleep, Meditation]

Published 2021-11-29
In this video I'm bringing out the good old tuning fork, I love this trigger and so do many other people from what my analytics say. These sounds should be helpful in stress relief, if you're looking for deep sleep, aiding in meditation and many other uses!
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[Wear Headphones/Earphones to fully experience the binaural audio]


Sleep well
Jay 🌒

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All Comments (19)
  • @nuhh7403
    thank you so much for providing these amazing sounds!
  • @mf-cf8tr
    mate the editing on this is phenomenal! love how you keep the sound continuous and don't include the hitting of the forks (sometimes this can be nice but I prefer your method!)
  • Fire video. Love dual tuning forks. A lot of ASMRtists do tuning fork videos, but not a lot of them go with dual tuning forks. Excellent work. Subbed.
  • I’ve noticed that your tuning forks tends to get good views as well, as they should bc they truly are great, but it also make me sad sometimes cause it makes me feel like the other triggers are under appreciated.😠
    Lol nonetheless, great video! And I hope you’ll be able to catch up from your setbacks soon.
  • @Turki-66
    رائع جدا احسنت 👏🏻👏🏻
  • @Binaryfyre
    I wish you had a 3DO mic for this, I know it would sound 100000% better. This is good, but it could be absolutly fantastic.
  • Try matching the low tones with your voice(humming or speaking) while u have headphones on it sounds weird