Published 2020-08-04
Be blessed as you listen to God's encouraging word!

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  • @belenavila9705
    Lord please help me with this pain. Give me strength and inner peace. You are my rock and my fortress. Help me to believe that you will give me happiness again. In Jesus name amen
  • @gospelmusic6135
    Hey random person who's scrolling through the comments...you're amazing and wonderful. I hope your day is gonna great.
  • @Worship_Together
    Dear whoever's reading this,GOD is about to put back together the things you've you divided & separated in your life.He has not forgotten you.Don't forget Him in the midst of your storm.praise Him in advance.Blessings are coming your way🕊
  • @anetadobie1681
    The night I was diagnosed with brain tumor back in 2011, I opened the Bible and this psalm came up. Since then it became my favorite one. I’m still here today despite the 3 surgeries I had to go through, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Tomorrow night I have an MRI scheduled. Been hoping for a miracle since. I want the tumor to disappear completely. Only my God can make this happen.
  • @HOSSANA-qn6ib
    I was born a Muslim in Iraq. I was worried and depressed, sitting and looking at the Tigris River in my city.Jesus' face appeared to me in the water and told me. "Son, you're not alone" And now I'm a Christian, and I pray every day at the edge of the river.Thank you Jesus for this grace. I'm not alone right now. Jesus is with me.
  • @ngoc4312
    I was also muslim. My family also did not want to accept me but now they have accepted me following Jesus. You are a child of a living God, he will never leave you nor forsake you
  • @GlorytoGod907
    This came on randomly while I was sleeping last night. I woke up to psalm 91 being played in the middle of the night. I’m going through a very difficult time so I know it wasn’t a coincidence.
  • @menaburke9286
    Please pray for my son nicholas and Kimberly and their two sons to keep this family together and all evil away from them in Jesus name 🙏
  • LORD of Love Mercy Peace and Hope wipe away the deadly deceases of cancer,brain tumor, open the fruit of womb, marriage and all those I have forgotten in my Family now and beyond I humbly beseech You.
  • @user-cn6nt9ey1w
    Lord continue to bless and acknowledge everyone scrolling through this channel. . God bless everyone reading this.
  • @RosieLomeli
    I'm getting old 46 been threw hell & back my lord please protect my family @all times amen .
  • This is very encouraging if you're someone that has some major anxiety, or just so distressed in what just happened in your life, God knows exactly what is going on and I know he will get you through it you just cheer up God is with you but you have to turn to him cuz he doesn't Force anyone. And just trust him and know that the creator of this universe is totally in charge, and you will be definitely okay it may take some time, but just have your confidence in God cuz he will help you as he loves everyone especially those who turn to him. Remember even Jesus said before going to the cross he said they did this to Me (Jesus) in the wood is green there will be a day that the wood will be right and even more with a the world in Satan in her own thoughts that aren't from God will come against us. But God is with you cuz he loves you he knows who you are he knows you before you were even born in your mother's room he knows every hair that is on your head even if there is none. I pray that the Lord will help you through whatever you're going through I've been through some deep dark times very very dark and I said to myselfI will never get out of this but I lied to my own self and believe the lies of the devil. When your dad dies your wife leaves you and your sweet pet that you have had forever dies as well and you lose your job you think to yourself what else is there. But then there is only Jesus and I said well I will just follow him and he will give me hope and he did because of him not because of anything I did so you just trust Jesus put all your hope and all your life and everything you do just put it in Jesus the best investment you'll ever have in your whole life he will change your life and now I have a wife that truly loves me... praise the Lord.. I still miss my dad but I'm stronger in that and I have two new cats that my wife bought that needed a home because nobody wanted them, and I have the highest paying job that I've ever had in literally make double the amount I never ever thought any of these things would ever ever exist but only because of God and he didn't have to do that but he did he's so kind and laughing to me. So just trust in the Lord and just stay focused on trusted in the Lord and He will be with you and walk with you and just shut everything off and talk to him and then also take some time to listen to him. He died on the cross his death was a painful one with blood ripping his skin nails in the hands and palms just so that we could have life and forgiveness so just don't forget that he loves you he showed it on the cross. God bless you my friend whoever you may be. I am praying for you right after I write this.
  • I was born in a christian home. I grew up thinking my parents were forcing christianity on me. Until I had a personal encounter when I left home for tertiary. I always thank God for not giving up on me.
  • @WalkingInkPad
    Dear Lord, I Decree and Declare this is my year of breakthrough🙏🏽 God is greater than the highs and lows. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me ❤️ Amen🗣️💯
  • Father God I just praise you and give you all the praises you are worthy O Lord , great is your faithfulness thank you mighty God in Jesus mighty name ,Lord bless us your children as we pray one for another thank you Jesus
  • Heal my daughter Raven. From emotional abuse and anxiety 🙏🏽🙏🏽thank you Jesus
  • thank you Lord you answered my prayer now i have my own house and i am the owner.thank you God now i met my soulmate. In Jesus name, Amen
  • @debraglenn7469
    Amen, I speak the name of Jesus over my life, I go to the father first for everything I go through and for my needs, I thank God for what I have. The smallest things can lead to bigger ones so don't pass up something you consider small or you might not receive s bigger blessing.. that's something I learned late in my life. It took me years of rebellion and sins before I lost everything I thought I needed but I know now that all I need is Jesus and God will give to me what I need for a healthy life and a testimony of what he did for me when I was hopeless. I'm alive, I'm still here, I'm telling everyone I come across where I used to be and where I am now, God's mercy and grace kept me from self destruction and my life is getting better daily I give praise to God bless the Lord I am loved by the only living God and the king of kings is coming for me soon. I thank you Father in Jesus name Amen 🙏