World's Strongest Magnet!

Published 2023-03-14
The world's strongest magnet is a million times stronger than Earth's magnetic field. Learn more about sustainability and Google’s efforts at Part of this video was sponsored by Google.

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Thanks to the entire NHMFL team - especially Tim, Stephen, Caroline, Kristin, Sam, Lance, and everyone who helped with the demos - for the great visit.
The NHMFL is funded by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida.

Special thanks to Henry from Minutephysics for lending his magnet animations from our magnet collaboration:    • MAGNETS: How Do They Work?  

Liu, Y., Zhu, D. M., Strayer, D. M., & Israelsson, U. E. (2010). Magnetic levitation of large water droplets and mice. Advances in Space Research, 45(1), 208-213.

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Written by Derek Muller
Edited and Motion Graphics by Trenton Oliver
Coordinated by Emily Zhang and Derek Muller
Filmed by Derek Muller, Trenton Oliver, Raquel Nuno and Emily Zhang
Additional video/photos supplied by Pond5 & Getty Images
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  • Of course you need the worlds strongest man to control the worlds strongest magnet. Dude’s jacked 😂
  • Love how open those guys are to just mess around with equipment worth millions of dollars. This type of stuff inspires young people interested in science.
  • Buy a house. Build a 45T magnet under the kitchen floor. 3 in the morning, woke up because hungry. Turn the magnet on.Heat up food and eat it in a metal plate. Now finally you can eat in peace knowing that if you drop the plate accidentally, there will be no sound to wake your family up.
  • @troybrumm17
    It was fun having the Veritasium team at the lab! We don't often get a chance to "play" with our instruments and it was great to be able to demonstrate a few principles of magnetism in creative ways.
  • @Seraph.G
    I love how some labs are like "everything we do is HIGHLY CONTROLLED, you can record but DO NOT do anything weird" and then in this one it's like "yeah let's tape some washers into a NERF football"
  • @davidasher3624
    Imagine being so successful on YouTube that not only does google pay you ad revenue, but the straight up sponsor you. That's badass! Keep it going!
  • @pasta0328
    You can tell that dude drinks a ton of water with how hulked up he appears. Truth is he's only like that from standing near the magnet
  • @xplorerF
    Discovering magnetic rocks 3000 years ago must have seriously blown some minds 🤯
  • @sammy5590
    So awesome to see the MagLab get the spotlight it deserves! I had the pleasure of going to FSU and I got to meet so many people who worked there. All incredibly smart and able to convey information to anyone. The annual open house is something of a local holiday.
  • @466rudy6
    World's Strongest Shirt Sleeves
  • @zeph0shade
    You can just tell that man either is or would be the best science dad ever. None of these little "experiments" are new concepts for him at all, but he humors and even helps set things up that must seem practically childish to him, just like a dad helping his child with a science fair project.
  • @Redmenace96
    I know that pro scientists are interested in sharing their knowledge, but letting Veritasium Dude come in and goof around is a very kind and helpful choice. My students really dig this.
  • @timb7342
    9:02 They went a hell of a long way round to re-inventing the soft close toilet seat.
  • As someone who wants to apply to use those facilities, I'm surprised on how you got the time to film it! Great video!!
  • @ares395
    That is ridiculously cool. And I love how scientists are basically adults that never lost their childhood curiosity.
  • @SunBane67
    I did research here on a winter trip in undergrad. Awesome team and incredibly friendly people. The maglab is a marvel and I feel so fortunate to have gotten to do research with their instruments. paper pending peer review :)
  • Thanks very much Veritasium for giving us the opportunity to see amazing places we would certainly never visit
  • Love the magnet guy! He knew literally everything about the questions Derek asked, and you could just tell that man knows sooo much about what he does it's ridiculous. Anyway, great video!!
  • @Sanity016
    I like the magnet guy, he's smart without being cocky. He knows the safety rules and has fun within them.