Geometry Dash Artist Reveal 1: Camellia

Published 2024-02-10
Update 2.2 added the Music Library to Geometry Dash, allowing creators to choose from a wide variety of songs for their custom levels. Camellia is the first big artist added to it, and 180+ of their songs are now available for use!

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- "Nacreous Snowmelt" by Camellia:    • Camellia - Nacreous Snowmelt (for THX...  
- "GHOST" by Camellia:    • Camellia - GHOST (from Cyphisonia E.P.)  

Video by ‪@viprin‬ and ‪@nasgubb‬

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All Comments (21)
  • @MoldyGD
    This RobTop rap is about to go hard 🔥
  • @Xircon
    Newgrounds having so little camellia songs to now having 180+ of them ingame. Nutty
  • @koshkamatew
    idk why people are complaining about this premiere, i always thought that camellia songs would fit geometry dash perfectly, and now we are here. huge jump from the 2 camellia songs on ng
  • @MiragePlayz
    As a Beat Saber player, it’s really amazing to see Camellia’s works added to a new community and playerbase. Keep up the good work!
  • @DIRO305
    Cant wait for 8,482,941 levels with ghost as its song! (edit: I forgot abt flamewall too)
  • @flaming02rtle
    I hope all announcements are handled like this, genuinely
  • @xxneweraxx7422
    Camellia added to GD literally opens up pandora's box for ultra fast-paced crazy levels. I'm all for it. Great choice robtop.
  • @BlueGooPlayz
    Massive props to you for making a video on it and not just posting on Twitter or discord like we have seen in the past. I love it!
  • @Geck
    This is gonna be a Congregation jumpscare.
  • @MartInsaneGD
    I love how everyone was hyped for a spin off game or an update, but it’s literally just Camellia joining the music library
  • Rob, thank you SO MUCH! You literally made my life and our lives miles better! Camellia songs fit flawlessly into gd, like some of them are so phenomenal, I swear! I`ve waited for this moment since I discovered Camellia for the first time in 2021. It was such a disapointment that most of his tracks were nongs, this was such a crime tbh. You just made my day, my century fr by creating Music Library. I`m not even disapointed that you didn`t release 2.21, like I didn`t even expected it. I hope that more fantastic artists like Leaf, Frums, Kurokotai and maybe Skrillex) will join this game. Good luck on finishing the update and have a phenomenal day!
  • @jakeylake7
    Camellia is one of my fav artists of all time,great to see them having their songs in the music library.
  • @partycup
    this feels like a smash character reveal
  • @GDChocolate
    Can't wait for all the bossfights that come out of this.
  • @IceMasterGD
    Bro this is FIRE! This is gonna go insane! 🔥
  • @JamAttack
    the fact that more artists can now license their music to be used in the GD music library is super cool! I hope to see more artists join. Maybe we can even get some popular NONGs in the library. Like well rested or Locket (crumbs song) or countless others.
  • @creecw
    dude this is literally hype i did not expect camellia of all artists getting into the music library.
  • @cd2069
    This might just be what's gonna bring me back to creating levels again. we love Camellia
  • Back then we only had Quaoar, Exit This Earth's Atomosphere and crystallized Now...