Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 PSVR2 Gameplay Trailer

Published 2023-11-20
Gameplay footage of the upcoming Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 on the Sony PlayStation® PSVR2!

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  • @whitetiger87
    This game looks insane! There seems to be so much variety in the mini-games, and seeing the SB characters in VR will be fun.
  • @TimeBucks
    This will easily be everyone's favorite fnaf game.
  • @Negative-3000
    Honestly one of my biggest hopes for this is that they include pizzeria simulator it has so much potential in VR, imagine the maintenance test where the PlayStation VR2 can actually sense if you're looking at the clipboard on the table or at the animatronic, and also imagine building your pizzeria in 3D and actually seeing the things you place down and being able to walk around and look at the details of your pizzeria.
  • Seeing the Glamrock animatronics being mixed in with some of the older cast like Ballora and Baby is surreal, super excited to see what this game has in store.
  • Roxanne giving the player the death stare as they do her eyeshadow is one of the funniest things out of this trailer, right up there with a Plush Baby getting shot point-blank (poor thing). It’s made even funnier that the idea of Roxanne killing someone for messing up her makeup is 100% something I can imagine her doing.

    Also, it’s really nice to see Scrap Baby after only seeing a plushie of her in the last game. I hope they include more Pizzeria Sim characters
  • i genuinely love we're getting back to back content again like in early fnaf years, this, the dlc, AND the movie all in one is insane
  • @TheKatTaylor
    So proud of Steel Wool. I know for a fact every single person in this company has been putting in 110% and holy moly does it show. Examples being Ruin, the booth at PAX West 2023, and now a very polished-looking VR game. I cannot wait for this game to come out. Thank you Steel Wool!
  • @knatspray
    You’ve combined the intensity and grittiness of Help Wanted with the scale and character of Security Breach! I’m gonna be replaying this a ton.
  • @cloudixalt
    So glad to see the games that weren't in the original VR being here, + some Security Breach too, and everything looks great ! So excited and can't wait for next month!!
  • @reeapurr1795
    This looks so good Steel wool. What a year it's been for fnaf! Also glad you guys are bringing back iconic minigames like parts and service and the pirate ride. I've always loved how ambitious you always are with projects Steel wool keep it up man. ALSO REMEMBER GUYS! This game will most likely be ported to other devices in the future like pc and other consoles. just takes time and just like the first game!!!!!!
  • @Koda.Fisher
    0:45 Helpy with rabies is probably the scariest thing I've ever seen in a FNaF game.
  • @supersonic1991
    Absolutely phenomenal!! Dawko’s gonna freak out when he sees this!
  • @prince_chavv02
    After the mixed bag that was Security Breach, i am SO glad Steel Wool is solidifying just how much they care about the games they make and the community they make them for!
  • This looks incredible! Can't wait to see the SB cast in an actually scary setting!
  • @its_xenia101
    I love that it brings more things like minigames with missions and the horror in virtual reality is brutal and the suspense it gives just with the trailer is cool , it is a not so common mix for me and that makes it even better, I think it's worth it
    I'm going to love playing it :D
  • @MysticNinTorres
    This is looking really promising. I can see that there’s going to be a variety of Sister Location, Pizza Sim, and Security Breach minigames, all of which look amazing! My only worry is if the game is being rushed for the holidays as well (just like how FNAF SB did it), then that might disappoint fans.
  • @dariusroman8436
    This looks insane. I love how they’re combining both locations from security breach and sister location I can’t wait to play this 😍❤️❤️❤️👍
  • @Luigikid
    I would love to apply for this job 💀
  • @Cedar_Treess
  • @edreadedspine
    I honestly didn’t had any high hopes for this but DAMN I’m genuinely intrigued now! Scrap Baby was beautifully adapted to VR and seeing she use her infamous claw was jaw dropping.