$1 vs $250,000 Vacation!

Published 2023-08-12
I did not expect the $250,000 vacation to be that crazy…

Thank you teamLab Planets TOKYO for letting us film!

Thanks to the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel - www.instagram.com/pullmantoureiffel

All filming at the Eiffel Tower required the authorizations and supervision from SETE: Société d'Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (operating company of the Eiffel Tower). Thank you to SETE and their staff.

Shoutout to CGGeek for the outro VFK! - youtube.com/c/CGGeek

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Track: Also Sprach Zarathustra: Einleitung, oder Sonnenaufgang (From "2001: A Space Odyssey") by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.
License ID: kPD1jPZN2xJ lickd.lnk.to/ZLK5sBIm


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  • @MrBeast
    Subscribe so we can pass t-series!
  • @ic47capital
    Imagine Jimmy as a Grandpa telling stories to his Grandchildren....
  • @TemaVI
    Я после видео Марка Робера, про клопов, там под матрасом точно всё норм было, в первом варианте?😅
  • @MrAjuCampus
    This is insanity, never done before in the history of this platform. Hats off to you Jimmy!
  • @wasimsk3930
    This is how you know you’ve made it. As if anyone else didn’t already say it, this guy deserves every bit of it for his generosity and philanthropy.
  • @Cvzar07
    The 10,000 resort in Mexico looks absolutely beautiful. That was my favorite
  • 日本に来てくれてありがとうございます!
  • @RIN-et7yd
  • @Sidemen
    We should've pressed the panic button twice with Jimmy paying 🤑
  • $1 room that came with its own raccoon concierge? Unbelievable value.
  • @user-three2
  • @Blur60
    Love how jimmy just blows things up for no reason
  • @user-cx2gg9qf6f
    I'm Japanese, so I'm very happy that Mr. Beast came to Japan. And thank you for loving Japan.😊
  • @user-pu5rc6cr8k
  • The Eiffel Tower segment is prolly the craziest thing MR Beast has done😂 The French surely freaked out.