Our Adoption was a Scam

Published 2023-05-23
We still don't understand why someone would do this.
We are heartbroken for now.. but we have hope it will all work out one day.

We love you all so much!


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  • @Layla19955
    Who thinks this is a crime and she should be charged 🙋‍♀️
    Honestly can’t even wrap my head around why someone would do this. I am so sorry you had to go through another heartbreaking trial! My prayers are with you both! You’ll find your missing piece! ❤
  • @hibak8196
    Wow. This is not just a scammer, this is a literal abuser. I'm so glad you guys are okay now.
  • The fact that you two showed pictures and still blurred her face out just shows how kind hearted and wonderful you guys are. MY ASS would have put her face all over the internet. What a cruel human being - she needs help. So happy you two have your angel baby now; congratulations 💞
  • @amandashewell2473
    OK.... FIRST OFF..... THIS IS NOT YOUR FAULT! You shouldn't feel dumb. People do shady, awful things to good, kind-hearted, loving, genuine people all the time. Trust me, it says way more about her character than either of yours. I am so sorry you're hurting and going through this. You didn't do anything wrong & you will be the best parents ever! ❤️
  • Now I understand why you didn’t tell anyone until you physically had Story in your arms! I’m so happy for you. 💞
  • I just came from your official adoption video with Story. Seeing this I understand even more now why you waited to tell everyone till you had her. I’m so happy for y’all that you got your happy ending after doing through something so horrible. ❤️
  • @ChesleaAnn
    Who is here in 2024 and she has a beautiful baby girl story belle
  • We still can’t believe this happened. Sending you all our love
  • @samanthaflynn6140
    I have NEVER prayed HARDER for a couple to receive a baby or 2....don't lose HOPE y'all!!!
  • @evagg1925
    Knowing that you posted this video just 5 days before your daughter was born makes me so emotional. There is always hope and a miracle can be on its way. So happy for you.
  • @jilllucius6106
    I had this happen 27 years ago. It was heartbreaking. However, we ended with the perfect baby!
  • @rebeccazamolo
    I'm heartbroken that this happened to you. Stay strong, your happily ever after will come and you will be amazing parents. Sending you big hugs
  • @goodeats1601
    Bella I just wanted to let you know: you are not dumb. You are not stupid. You are a victim of someone’s horrible, disgusting, deceitful, and destructive behaviour. To prey on a couple so kind, so loving and innocent and who literally bent over backwards for anything is truly evil. I just want you to know that you are both very strong. You will get through this. You will get a beautiful child who will be so lucky to have you both as parents. I wish you both all the best, we are here for you guys ♥️
  • @aksa8640
    I just discovered your channel and I was watching this video with my mother and she suddenly started crying. I always knew that she struggled with fertility but I never knew that she went through the same fake adoption processes. It’s truly heartbreaking and cruel that people can do stuff like this. They have absolutely 0 humanity in them
  • @sick_ofusernames
    Now that we're all on the other side congratulations with your little daughter! You two have been through soo much! So proud of you! You're incredible! I'm sooooo glad it worked out🎉
  • @julieblackman4969
    I am an adult adopted child (which I am so grateful for), and my adoptive parents specifically chose to go through a private attorney-which was a bit more difficult, but totally took away the ability for scammers to reach them. They were never told or contacted until everything was legally verified & signed. I think it’s something you should consider if that is available in your state. I hope your miracle comes soon and that your hearts heal even sooner❣️
  • @TessiEmily
    I usually never comment but I just wanted to say how sorry I am. This is truly despicable and sickening. You guys will be such amazing parents and love your children with all your hearts. I hope you heal and get through this quickly. As an adopted child, I heard of cases like this, and this woman literally committed a crime legally and morally. Sending love and prayers for you both.
  • @HMMC101
    No jail time would make up for the pain this woman caused. This is heartbreaking 💔 Glad you all are helping others. I’m sending you so much love and healing! Congratulations on the adoption of your new baby 🥰 💕