Soldier held prisoner for 17 days reveals what Russian soldiers said

Published 2022-05-06
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh sits down with Ukrainian Marine Hlib Stryzhko who was fighting for Mariupol before Russia held him for 17 days. #CNN #News

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  • Gale Martin
    As a veteran I say..young warrior stay strong. You owe it to your boys and yourself to live a life worthy of all your sacrifice. You will not be alone in this. Be well. A life awaits you.
    That is PTSD, as a Veteran from 2 wars myself the silence of returning to civil society after that is eerie, i do not think that anyone that has not lived through that can comprehend how gripping the anxiety of expecting explosions, or gun shots but hearing silence is... not to mention the effect memories of people lost or injured in wars that in the end are always waged over racism, religion, land and/or money can have on the mind.
  • It’s men like this that I have to remember when I’m complaining about stupid shit at work or whatever it is that day. I’m grateful and privileged that I am safe across the world from this conflict. It sickens me to see such honorable people attacked and mistreated, scarred for life over… politics. What a brave man, the fact that he “considers himself lucky” in such a situation is a testament to how strong the Ukrainian people are. I don’t know what happens after we die, but this man deserve nothing more than eternal peace along with the rest fighting under the guide of their ‘superiors.’ May his brothers and sisters Rest In Peace.
  • Bakeartist57
    This marine has seen death and carnage no person should witness. I wish him a fast and painless recovery. I really hope this war ends soon. too many lives have been lost on both sides.
  • Ruger Boyks
    Realistically he hasn’t had any time to let the trauma set it and things to be truly processed of everything he saw and went through. He’s very strong indeed for keeping his head up right now but I truly pray for him to make it through at the time when this all finally settles and comes to rest. Prayers 🙏 & He is a very brave and courageous soldier.
  • Julia Bugden
    I'm happy to see this solider is in good spirits. I hope he continues to recover, and is one day able to move forward with the rest of his life but; speaking from experience, I think he will look back one day and realize that this part of heeling was the easy part. Not that my experience was anything even remotely close to what this man has experienced, not on any sort of level; but I know what it means to be bound to a hospital, to stand on your own feet, bed down and have to learn to walk again, shower on your own, to realize the entire life you've led before this, and the life you had planned for the future is gone, and all the other life changing alterations that came with it. I almost wish I was re-living it again. When you're living it, and dealing with it on a daily basis, you go into a sort of "survival" mode where nothing really seems all that bad. You smile, you're thankful for each day. When someone asks how you're doing and you say "it could be worse" you really mean it. It wasn't until just lately (the past year or so, after about 7 years of constant battle later) that my mind is realizing what my body was put through. I'm tired, all the time, but it isn't the type of exhaustion you feel after a regular day. It's as if my body knows that I'm truly ok now, and that I can finely rest, which in it's own way; is even more exhausting that the fight itself and much less understood.
  • Fribelene Soliven
    "MY BODY WAS BROKEN BUT NOT MY SPIRIT!" What a remarkable and inspiring statement from a wounded Ukrainian soldier. Way to live!
  • Gma
    Thank you for showing this. My heart goes out to him, his fellow soldiers and all of Ukraine. It brings me joy that he is back home. His wounds may heal but his emotional may not. I pray God heals his body and his emotional heart. He seems to have good spirit. Much love from the USA. Be strong
  • Much respect to you Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. I pray for your safety.
  • Ruth O'Kelley
    May this and all the other the soldiers recovery be fast and complete. My heart bleeds for all the suffering...
    How could anyone set in motion a plan that could cause this much destruction and suffering? This is ignorance beyond my comprehension!

    Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦
  • Rebecca
    So heartbreaking...their strength, warrior spirit and their hope after all this is truly amazing.
  • Sky Hiker 9
    “One of my boys…” my son, a United States Marine, spoke the same way about the men he served with. God bless the Ukrainian fighting men AND women!
  • Shirtman Instyle
    This young Man has a very positive attitude and he is truly a good hearted man may he have a speedy recovery
  • ItsVak
    I wish him a speedy recovery and best of luck of him, much respect to him and much love
  • Hamza A
    Much Respect to state security DPR they kept him a life and he's a tough guy ❤ I wish him a speedy recovery ❤
  • Carl Miller
    "Wounded on April 10th." That was my dad's birthday. 4/10/1920. He fought in WWII, then after the war enlisted in the Air Force and was the first wave over to organize the Berlin Airlift. I like to say my dad fought Nazis AND walls. I miss him. (He died about a month after 9/11.) But some days I'm almost glad he's not around to see this.
  • Thomas Parkin
    A brave man who has sacrificed much for his country, I hope he can get the help he needs to recover well in both mind and body.
  • Noelle Alissa
    I'm truly sorry to hear this! Please get all the help you need! PTSD is something many military go through. For you and all! SLAVA UKRAINI!💙💛
  • Sharon Castillon
    Very heart-breaking, i don't know anymore how to describe what Ukarine is going through with the continuous sufferings they have experienced every minute of everyday. But the story of this war prisoner is very encouraging, the bravery to fight for freedom, for the future of their democracy is unbelievable. Salute to you Sir. Glory to Ukraine 🇺🇦.
  • Rosalyn Meyers
    May God bless this young soldier giving him a speedy recovery back to full health.