good moments from gorillaz live interviews

Published 2018-06-24
not sure if I need to do this but. music does not belong to me.

goner by twenty one pilots.

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  • 0:45 Murdoc: “Jails made me the man I am *some ungodly sound*" interviewer: "that's terrifying"
  • @tayydenn
    i feel like murdoc is a little third grader and 2D is his mom who is just struggling
  • @ratcid
    Murdoc is 90% weird random noises
  • @saturnzbarz1827
    "looks into the camera like hes on the office"

    2D is giving off some Jim Halpert vibes
  • @sasakidotorg
    "please stop fighting guys- rissel , listen, I wanted to talk to you-"
    " talk about somethi-"
    " did you call me rissel? "
    "No, Russel-"
    " D I D Y O U J U S T C A L L M E R I S S E L ? "
    " i c a l l e d y o u r u s s e l - "
  • @529perla
    Murdoc: We’re almost at * holds up one finger * TWO million
    5:48 "IT'LL be alright in the end,and if its not alright its not the end" - 2D
  • @robinwing5150
    "Do you just block out the pain?"

    "That's a very good question that I do not like-"
  • 2D made me laugh so hard with “his version of adopted is not safe for children” and “fear was a feeling”
  • @nntbm
    i love how at 3:20, phil cornwell properly uses the word “mellifluous” and then remembers “oh right murdoc is drunk” and has to repeat it incorrectly to stay in character
  • @raen6358
    "Immasculation, that's another one of them-"
    "Say that word again."
    "Thank you."
  • @gwutty5001
    when murdoc moaned i was so uncomfortable
  • @GeorgeXer0
    Murdoc: the best moment of my life was when i met 2-D
    2-D: do you mean that?
    Murdoc: no

    🎶oh what you say🎶
  • @invaderlib1
    I still love how russel calls and immediately goes “who dis?”
  • @madiklein7087
    I feel like Murdoc and 2D get purposefully drugged up before every interview. The only interview where they look slightly functional is the “Welcome to My Crib” one, and in that one Murdoc says “I forgot you guys were coming today”.
  • @remykill8381

    Murdoc: "I made him come . . . into the fray!"

    2D: "yea, I liked the way that was going there but yea-"

    Murdoc: immature laughter*
  • @mrmysteryman258
    Murdoc: The best moment of my life was when I met 2D
    2D: Do you mean that?
    Murdoc: No.

    Dear god I'm dying😂