Paralyzed man walks after bluetooth connects his brain and spine

Published 2023-05-24

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  • After 12 years of paralysis, his muscles are severely deconditioned. I'd love to see his progress as his muscle strength improves. What an amazing accomplishment!
  • @andydougy4347
    Feels like a turning point moment for anyone with spinal injuries limiting their movement. Incredible work.
  • Now THIS is what I looked forward to when I thought about the future as a kid! So excited for his journey to recovery and props to the amazing scientists behind this
  • @acetheboss13
    Imagine being told you will NEVER walk again. Just the ability to stand up and give someone you love a hug is something that so many of us take for granted. This is truly amazing and once again speaks volumes about the doctors dedicating their lives to helping us♥️
  • @nayan.j
    This is an excellent development towards medical science. Kudos to the whole team involved
  • My uncle was in a wreck in 1963. He was 18. He has been paralyzed from the neck down since. This is wonderful news. Congratulations
  • @Will_CH1
    That is a staggering achievement. Mr Oskam is not a patient, he is a pioneer.
  • @br.m
    This guy will be in my prayers. I can't even get my bluetooth speaker to stay connected.
  • @roems6396
    Wow, why isn’t this the top story in news outlets? This is a huge step forward! EDIT- It was a rhetorical question. Please stop giving your opinion on the media. 😂
  • @goodguy1166
    This is incredible. Wow. What a time to be alive! Congratulations to the team behind this, and to the patient of course!
  • @amenamen5648
    As a spinal cord injury nurse this is miraculous to see. My heart is so grateful and humbled by all who made this possible 🙏🙏🙏
  • @Hasblock
    Keep in mind that he likely doesn't have too much leg muscle at all at this point, so if he was able to build muscle in the next year or two, he may be walking perfectly normal. Amazing stuff
  • I remember reading about this 15 years ago in high school in a popular science magazine and now here it is in use! This is so freaking awesome!!!
  • What a time to be alive!! Great job to the team for such an amazing accomplishment. The future is now! I look forward to seeing more success stories in the near future. I'm hoping there will be government programs that will allow low-income families to benefit from this as well. Great job, everyone 🎉
  • @celty5858
    I’m so happy for him. This is amazing.
  • @rickh9396
    He's not doing too badly considering he hasn't used those muscles for 12 years. The atrophy alone would limit him, but also re-learning to use stabilizing muscles to stand, walk, and climb stairs. He looks slow and shakey now, but he should only get better with time. We live in amazing times.
  • This is phenomenal. It gives hope to those who are wheelchair bound due to sickness or injury. In ten years, it will progress further. Congratulations to the teams involved, and most especially to this man.
  • @safk4910
    Now this is fantastic. I'm so happy for this man and I'm very proud of all the people involved in making this.
  • @SquarahKat
    This really is incredible, I hope one day soon it'll be easily accessible for those effected by paralysis
  • @NootalieWalf
    I’m actually crying so hard. I haven’t seen my mom walk in over 2 years. I know this stuff is still very experimental and likely won’t be available in time for my mother to walk again, but the thought that some day some other family won’t have to go through what we’ve experienced is a very powerful one. I hope this technology flourishes!!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻