The UAE's Bloody War in Sudan with Sami Hamdi

Published 2024-03-07
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At the time where our attention is fixed on Gaza, rightly, another conflict is taking place with horrendous cost to human life. Sadly As always, our ummah has become subject to the political ambitions of egotistical actors and their outside backers. Sudan is burning. There are 8 million people on the move, escaping the indiscriminate murder, rape and pillage of what can only be described as two warlords that thwarted a people’s revolution – aided by external powers.

Today we explore these two conflicts. In a way, they are one. They are recent episodes of a Muslim world in crisis. Our ummah today lives in a perpetual state of conflict, can we escape this dire situation. We are now 100 years since the formal demise of the Ottoman state, what does the next 100 years look like.

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#thethinkingmuslimpodcast episode 140

00:00 Introduction
1:10 The Two Warlords
19:25 US Motives
24:51 The UAE
31:00 Darfur
34:30 Our future – Sami’s call

All Comments (21)
  • @Asaz12345
    I'm from Sudan and I love all my brothers and sisters for the sake of Allah. Please make Duaa for my beleagured country as this blessed month approaches
  • @bezzenick
    We are listening also in Bosnia 🇧🇦 He is right about everything. We are keeping islam here in the heart of Europe ☪️
  • @ahmedabdallh4748
    As a sudanese, since the war broke out in my beloved country I never heard someone talks about what really going in sudan better than this gentleman. Kudos to you on putting it bluntly for anyone to exactly understand the full context. Many thanks and please keep spreading the truth about us
  • @basbosaize
    From Sudan here This guy is 100% right on everything he said
  • @a4482921
    Finally, someone speaking up on the Muslim leaders’ role in destroying other Muslim nations. It’s easy for them to deflect blame onto the West and carry out their agenda behind the scenes, we should hold them just as accountable as we hold Western powers.
  • Big love to all my brothers and sisters from your Dagestani brother. Asking Allah to unite ummah on tawheed and sunnah of beloved Rasul ﷺ.
  • @kayedee-jay5124
    My husband is Sudanese. He has spent every evening listening to the news and people of Sudan speak. He has a lot of family there, and has lost cousins. Thank you for this video bc it really helped me as a North American see what truly is going on in Sudan, the implications, the possible -deep rooted/ causes, and the struggle clearly. I had empathy but now i also have understanding. Broad understanding that this is not just a civil conflict, but part of the grander scheme of the ungodly West. It is sad the age we are in. As a recent revert, it really hurt to hear that the goal is to remove it from the constitution. I really hope that they do not succeed. 😔
  • @kabirahmed9599
    Brother Sami’s response after he was asked about the next hundred years of the ummah was one of the most powerful and inspiring monologues I’ve ever listened to in my life Ma sha Allah 🤲
  • UAE is also trying to destroy Somalia for years. My question is the UAE an Muslim country if they behave like they behave within Muslim countrys!
  • @abdousalem3079
    Sami is right. Muslims are not prepared to do what is required to rise. We hate weakness, but we refuse to do what it takes to be strong. We prefer the future that doesn't require anything from us today.
  • @marnettdusud3356
    I'm a South Sudanese and I'm really impressed by Sami Hamdi's encyclopedic history of Sudan. he knows the history as the back of his hand..
  • @nakfa270
    I am Christian from Eritrea. UAE is the right hand of the USA. That's why the Eritrean government expelled them from Eritrea port of Assab.
  • @riazuddin6339
    UAE blackmailing the ummah by giving options of dunya luxuries vs Islam! The truthful will always choose Islam.
  • @deepgaming1360
    Sami love from Pakistan, we need more intellectuals like you...plz give us some insights on Pakistan situation as well
  • @abdikarimali3144
    In 1990 it was the UAE Somali Ambassador who became the PM who dissolved the Somali military since then we can’t recover. Dear Sudan don’t let UAE dissolve your country.
  • @ahsanzia438
    This guy is probably one of the strongest voices that bring hope in these times of despair for the ummah
  • For awhile UAE created problems in Somalia, few weeks ago one of their most senior military officials has been gun downed in Muqdisho by a Somali soldier who didn’t care to die.
  • @Saad_889
    May Allah help Sudan , May Allah send all his blessings upon the people of Sudan . May they get rid of this menace. May the Muslims be united under one banner of Islam Ameen ya rabbi Respect from Pakistan.
  • @alpha_guy_1
    We need Arabic version of this podcast!!!! Sudanese people need to hear this.