Life without Water (Full Episode) | Wild Chile

Published 2021-06-21
At its Northern edge, in the Atacama desert, wildlife has spent millions of years adapting to a life without water.

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Life without Water (Full Episode) | Wild Chile

Nat Geo Wild

All Comments (21)
  • PUBG Gaming
    So beautiful. Thank to you people I got a chance to see the wilderness of Chile, which might not happen for my entire life.
  • Zada Laiba
    It's so satisfying to learn so many creatures survive there. The video is magnificent!
  • An outstanding documentary as always , ive been watching national geographic and nat geo wild since i can remember and ive gained alot thanks to it :3
  • Thank you for this great filming,, the narration was also very good too,. Until this morning I didn't know this harsh part of Chile existed, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you :) :)
  • Balbeer Singh Nagi
    Beautifully presented and photographed. A wealth of knowledge explained like the beauty of the desert, so rare and hauntingly inviting.
  • Bill Does Stuff
    Fascinating doco. It's amazing how everything there has adapted successfully in such harsh conditions, but lush at the same time.
  • Scienceficator
    very beautiful. never imagined that animals would also survive in this conditions
  • ACosta 72
    O Mundo é mais interessante do que imaginamos! - Parabéns pelo documentário!.
  • Sofia
    This documentary was fantastic 😊
  • Sierra
    The fact that they’ve been named Coots, they run like that, and their fighting style is the way it is and the brawl they got into 😂😂😂 how could you not laugh 🤣
  • Sha Hon Chen
    Fabulously superb filming, great narration with poem-like text, and unobtrusive elite subtle scoring!
  • Lotta Sunshine
    I really enjoyed watching this beautiful video. However, the animals of the Atacama aren't the only ones that struggle for survival. We have overdeveloped too many areas of our planet with little space for wildlife to survive in its natural habitat. When I lived in Florida I saw drastic change in its environment for over 25 years and then moved to SC where I've witnessed the destruction of forests and wetlands. When will mankind stop ravaging the Earth and realize it's our job to protect it?
  • Victoria Odom
    I’ve never seen a bird like this before thanks for sharing
  • Patel
    My eyes don’t see the nature the way nature is, and so we have “Nat Geo WILD”.
  • Elianne vd Linden
    I love Chile, I want to travel there and perhaps even live there.
  • manu mudgal
    As someone said- Life always finds a way
  • I suddenly remembered the Law of the Jungle episode where they survived in wasteland at Chile. Also climbing the mountain at 5,000m altitude. At the end of their journey, they saw many animals and flamingoes swimming in a lake at 5,000m altitude. At 6,000+m altitude, there is a volcano. It was called Patacona, i guess. Correct me if I'm wrong though. Just sharing here what I watched.

    Edit: they also climb the icey mountain. I guess their goal was 3,000m altitude? I am not so sure but it was also raining when they were doing their task. Same with the people who climb the 5,000m altitude mountain. They also found a father and 2 sons with their farm so they asked if they can harvest some. Idk what altitude was that but I was amazed how people can live at such remote and high altitude.