Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023 - Nintendo Switch

Published 2023-09-14
Watch the latest Nintendo Direct livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused on Nintendo Switch games releasing this winter.

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass - Side Order DLC
02:51 – Mario vs. Donkey Kong
04:42 – Prince of Persia The Lost Crown
05:58 – Horizon Chase 2
06:46 – Super Crazy Rhythm Castle
07:20 – SPYxANYA: Operation Memories
07:56 – Super Mario RPG
09:18 – Another Code: Recollection
11:17 – Princess Peach: Showtime!
14:14 – SaGa Emerald Beyond
15:35 – Tomb Raider I-III Remastered Starring Lara Croft
16:40 – Detective Pikachu Returns
17:55 – Trombone Champ
19:48 – Wartales
20:22 – Contra: Operation Galuga
21:05 – Unicorn Overlord
22:42 – Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD
24:57 – Nintendo Museum
25:54 – Upcoming amiibo figures
26:44 – F-ZERO 99
28:51 – Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story
29:53 – Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story
30:32 – WarioWare: Move It!
31:51 – Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes
33:07 – Eastward: Octopia DLC
33:51 – Wargroove 2
35:27 – Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Booster Course Pass Wave 6
36:34 – Among Us
38:13 – Nintendo Switch Games Sizzle Reel
38:58 – Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

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All Comments (21)
  • Very good to see Mario RPG series getting better treatment, I hope Mario & Luigi is next in line.
  • @rickvug
    I’ve never seen a console so late in its life getting such strong support. Hats of to Nintendo. Our wallets are going to hurt.
  • Checking the Paper Mario trailer again today just to make sure I wasn’t in a out-of-body experience or something yesterday. Absolutely thrilled that the Mario RPG’s are getting the attention that they so rightfully deserve. 2024 cannot come any sooner
  • I didn’t realise just how nostalgic Mario vs Donkey Kong could make me feel
  • @KirbyKips
    I’m actually kind of excited that they’re making another game with Peach as the main character! It looks good too!
  • @mipmapp5207
    When I first moved in with my (now) wife, it was Paper Mario TTYD that I played in the evenings while she watched. It was the game that introduced her to Nintendo and Mario and she is now a massive Nintendo fan, along with our kids. The remaster looks amazing and we are thrilled to see it again (and it saves me from having to plug in my old GCN just to play it again). The Rogueport theme is now in my head
  • @kaixdhero6117
    This was genuinley the best direct this year. It had pretty much everything we expected but every nintendo game they showed was a game that we would get hyped up for. And I was wondering when the sora amiibo was getting announced, they were being really quiet about it until now

    Edit: I realize now that many people didn't like this direct that much...
  • @The25kubalok
    We've got Diddy Kong, Funky Kong and even Pauline! The characters that we all really wanted but let's be real we all thought that we would get only 2 of them. That's a huge surprise. I can't say that i'm excited for Peachette tbh but it's something. At least other characters r cool ^^
  • @kurrizzle
    Oh man Trombone Champ is going to be the sleeper hit I can tell
  • For those of y’all that never played the original Paper Mario Thousand Year Door, PLEASE play it. It’s a MASTERPIECE. It’s literally one of the best mario games out there
  • @NicoleMay316
    I love how trombone champ is presented as the chaotic mess it is. Would be kinda wrong to have perfect footage for those songs.
  • @superangyo01
    This instantly became my favorite Direct because my favorite video game is getting remade. I seriously thought it would never happen. Thousand-Year Door is a masterpiece. Thank you Nintendo!
  • The new Among Us map actually looks even better than the airship! Looks like it gives a backstory to the impostors, which is great.
  • @malcolmdbz
    As a manga reader and lifelong anime fan. It made me so proud to see the Anya game. SPY X FAMILY has come so FARR
  • Wow loving the line up. Great to see Nintendo bringing back some older retro games 🎮❤
  • Princess Peach Showtime is giving me Luigi's Mansion vibes, and I love it!
  • @shigaraja
    the fact that Paper Mario TTYD was not only announced but was the ending showcase brings me endless joy. i hope that everyone gets a chance to play this. i have been waiting for so long to get back into this game with text that i can finally read properly again. i hope that it gets a bit more promotion because i want this to do soo very well
  • @SadBirbHours
    TTYD is so goated and has been so hard to get a hold of for so long… a whole new generation of gamers are going to have a chance to play one of the greatest RPGs ever made.