Top 100 Plays of the 2023 Season!

Published 2024-02-12

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  • @kropes2759
    Mahomes ran for 6 yards and broke no tackles and they really thought it was number 22. The mahomes glaze is wild
  • @fabe190
    Wide open 5 yard touchdown pass at #1 is insane Chiefs glazing
  • @speakerz17
    Bro where’s the Kadarius Toney offsides lmao
  • @blake2472
    Lamar’s play vs the chiefs at 94 is criminal
  • @Mat.V3
    Sutton’s catch vs Bills is CRIMINALY UNDERRATED. It should be top 3, not 12.
  • @Randomemess69420
    They should do it based off how good the play was not the situation
  • @jagsfan1287
    Courtland Sutton just casually having 3 insane catches on here. Really underrated guy stuck on a mediocre team
  • @jcollins1016
    Mahomes 8 yard run at 22 is an absolute joke what
  • @walterwilson7859
    That tee Higgins catch at number three is by far better than a mahomes flip pass
  • @LuisLopez-wq2rk
    snead at the 1 in the afc championship is the best play of the year, one of the best i've watched in my life
  • @Billboy_
    Jake Bobo catch against the Cardinals only being 46 shows this really a popularity thing
  • @eezey
    not having Quay Walkers pick six in week 1 here where he broke like 3 tackles is crazy
  • @lz_377
    Can't believe Josh Downs diving catch on 3rd down wasn't on this list. One of the best catches of the year!