Being your Own Life Coach | John Muldoon | TEDxShanghaiAmericanSchoolPuxi

Published 2018-07-11
John Muldoon talks about the importance of being honest with yourself and practicing metacognition through the context of growing up with family problems and some emotional issues. John Muldoon, originally from the US, has been a teacher/administrator for the last 10 years and is now the principal at Shanghai American School Puxi. John loves spending time outdoors and spending time with his family and friends. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • @salvadorhpo2030
    As a father I can tell you that there is a big chance your dad did not have those tapes in the car only for himself... I am going through a rough time in my life (100% sure I'll get through) and Iisten to ted talks and CD's while my son is in the car with me on purpose. I want my son to ge the wisdom for life before he actually needs it.
  • @mattpredictsofm.
    As much as we control our mind and thoughts, I believe it is essential to seek professional help especially in areas of lacking. Personally, having overcome the pressure of loan debts following a life coach's advice and building up my finances with the help of one too, I do know the prominence of one to keep you going when times are tough.
  • Living out of my truck because of things out of my control, but the happiest I’ve ever been listening to Ted talks like this. You are the voice on my cassette
  • @HallieEva
    My mom use to tell me she was proud of me and how much she loved me so after she died a would flash back automatically to her saying those things when things would get rough times so she made a positive impression that will last my entire life. So always give positive words to the people you love including yourself.
  • @MinorThreat69
    Thanks dude, what a great ted talk 👍🙂, my ADHD usually prevents me from watching these from start to to finish, but your humour and straight up honesty had me captivated right till the end. What a life story you shared! I'm a dad myself now and quite often super angry about stuff. Gonna read up on thought patterns and self affirmation now. Cheers from down Under ✌️
  • @jenbanda8004
    Be your own coach
    1. Identify your emotional patterns
    2. Identify what you want to be — the opposite of bad emotional patterns
    3. Consciously change your thinking pattern to be more positive
  • @candykandy
    1. Give sincere thanks 3 times a day.
    2. Be great. Say you’re great.

    So simple yet so effective. Great talk!
  • Great talk. Although it took a while to get to the main bits of advice, the story helped the process of softening us up to receive his message. This deserves a lot more views. Thanks
  • After listening to his speech I feel recognise my negative voices which came from my negative parents .My head is full of them .I am trying to balance them with positive thinking and definitely not doing the same mistake with my kids.This video should be in every school curriculum to teach teachers to use their mouth wisely and more positively towards their students.Amazing talk one of the best.
  • @Coachfitz_
    This life coach journey is definitely insightful. When people truly commit to changing, dreams start coming true
  • @katrealtor3848
    I love your courage to get out there and tell other human beings about your own experience, and reinforce the fact that the work MUST be done by ourselves, even if you have a coach, therapist or great friend to hep you figure it out!
    I appreciate you! and you have a very charming way of delivering it 😉
  • @k.g.m.254
    I adore the manner in which he does the speech. Conversational like. I, like so many, can retain much more when I don't feel information is thrown AT me vs. SHARED in a conversational style. Major kudos for this. 👍👍
  • @lolaapelt8616
    Love that your own coach. Takes all of the hokiness out of the idea. What a beacon of hope this guy must be for so many young folk's. He's in the right career
  • This is brilliant, and exactly what I need today. The first time someone suggested--well, actually offered unsolicited advice in a harsh way--that I should no longer claim my issues, my sadness, my defects as my identity, I had no clue what he meant. It took me years to understand his suggestion, and it remains a lifelong task. I'm sure it is for many people.
  • I love that you set rules for yourself, that you coach yourself, and that you take it seriously!
    I sometimes struggle with taking the self-coaching deeply seriously, but I definitely have set stringent rules for myself throughout my life, and I love it. I'm actually watching this to get inspiration for a second monthly challenge for this month.
  • @honeybee7768
    I liked his talk and he made some great points based on his real experience. However, I think what helped him the most to get out from under his anger was making the conscious effort to be sincerely grateful to others and to tell them. This propelled him into the PRESENT moment and it involved ACTION as well as CONNECTION with others, so it must have improved his relationships, too. I am going to try this! I have often written gratitude lists as a way to overcome my depression, but it only helped a little and after awhile, it got repetitive and almost robotic so it lost its power. He does a good job with the questions to ask ourselves, too. I think the message here is - talk to yourself honestly, but also talk to others :).
  • @SorVanna
    I will never forget my American History teacher, Mr. Hague, for believing in me when I didn’t know who I was. History teachers rock!!!
  • @veearya562
    Very impressive and so very true! Our biggest and most challenging task is to coach ourselves to the life we want.
  • I started doing exactly what he told us to do about a year or two ago and I've found peace and joy since then. If you found this video you are lucky, watch it and absorb as much as you can and your life will change.
  • Loved the perspective on the fake it till you make it and that it doesn’t work. You have to really self reflect and be honest and find out why you feel the way you do! Thank you!