To reach beyond your limits by training your mind | Marisa Peer | TEDxKCS

Published 2015-01-22
This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. You can train your mind to do what you want it to. Collaboration with your mind is crucial, the pictures you make in your head and the words that you say to yourself influence how you feel. So tell yourself better things, stretch your mind – make the unfamiliar, familiar.

Marisa Peer is a world renowned speaker, therapist, and best-selling author with nearly three decades of experience. Named named Best British Therapist by Men's Health magazine and featured in Tatler's Guide to Britain's 250 Best Doctors, she uses her experiences treating patients including rock stars, CEOs, Olympic athletes, and Oscar winning actors to inform her life-changing speeches and lectures. She has been voted best speaker at numerous conferences including The Yes Group London and the Women in Business Superconference.

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  • @freyat5660
    To have a fantastic collaboration with yourself:
    1. Tell your mind what you want.
    2. Link massive pleasure to going there and pain to not going there.
    3. Change the pictures and the words. Using very detailed words.
    4. Make the familiar unfamiliar and the unfamiliar familiar.
    5. Make Self Belief so normal to you that everyone believes in you too.

    Your potential expands beyond what you can imagine.
  • @waterdragon5418
    This is another Lady at the top of her game in her career. Her ability to simplify and relay these concepts so clearly is genius.
  • Watching this kind of talk every day makes you realize how magical life is by believing that everything is possible and there is always good from the bad.
  • @ladybird491
    She's right. That is how I became a writing genuis, with steady writing success. I tell my mind. "I am a writing genius, I was born to do this, I want this book done ASAP, I want these poems mastered, submissions sent out, I feel relieved when I do this, I don't feel like a nobody, I feel that the world can hear me, I am saving my life, I am doing what I have always dreamed of doing." I speak these words, and also say them outloud and write alot of daily. I also visualize myself doing every step of it.

    My morning schedule is like this: watch my favorite reminders videos for my spiritual growth
    2. I go for a walk, meditate and visualize my goal and speak to the universe
    3. I write down what I want to achieve for the day
    4. I take vitamines, play music for my brain and drink and eat foods for my brain.
    5. I read work, edit work, submit work.
    6. I read, and study

    This is my routine, and this how I keep steady writing success. 😊
  • @kelvinseth6045
    I honestly think this the most well explained Ted Talk ever, I really love when people speak on stage focused on the idea they want to share as oppose to some cases where they try to be funny or tell you about their dog and personal life.
  • @juryhernandez
    What a phenomenal speaker!! Wow her message was simple, doable, something you can practice right away! Loved it, Thank you Marissa Peer you are remarkable.
  • @PostElbe
    This is absolutely my favorite TED talk, the way she approaches the theme was very straightworward. I was watching this the whole time with a smile, with a sense? of inspiration that I wasn't feeling lately, and really with the motivation to do the 4 things that she said. Thank you very much Marisa.
  • Marisa is revolutionising my life, she is opening my mindset which had fallen asleep after a serious illness. I am so honoured to have this lady in my life right now. Thank you Marisa 🌹 for bringing out the magic in my mind.
  • @TheSplendidus
    I think that is one of the best TED talk in terms of performance. Excellent speaking/communication skills. I could watch/listen over and over again.
  • Marisa is wonderful. There is an author, Richard Dotts, who writes about effortless manifesting and going beyond the mind. I think these two go great together.
  • @kadeshasmith5144
    This Ted Talk is Golden! I am currently in the process of changing the way I think and this is pure motivation to keep going. Thank you!
  • @MB-yz2vc
    I watch this frequently for a reminder. Such a great talk!

    1. Your mind does what it thinks are in your best interested. if you are not getting what you want then you are not collaborating with your mind properly.
    2. Your mind is hard wired to move towards pleasure and avoid pain.
    3. All your feelings are down to two things 1. the pictures you make in your head and 2. the words you say to yourself.
    4. Your mind loves the familiar. If you want to succeed you have to make what is familiar unfamiliar and vice versa.

    Simple but great.
  • I am going to retire to Bosnia to teach aggressive breathing meditation for PTSD. This already helped me stay on track and not be worried. This is straight forward and down to earth, but still amazing
  • @youlaki16
    Thank you for your wonderful talk Marissa! You are inspirational and everything you said resonates so deeply with me. I can only imagine how many lives you’ve changed... and you do it all with such a coolness!
  • Marisa Peers - you rock!!! You have the power to transform people’s lives. You are so blessed and I am so grateful.
  • @olive0eyes0
    ok this ted talk is for real, straight to the point no bs. you're brilliant Marisa
  • @sanjuansteve
    As you said, "it always does what it thinks is in your very best interest" and I think it's interesting how this relates to fighters that have reputations for a glass chin, or for the ability to take tremendous punishment before their minds decide to shut down in order to protect the body from further harm, assuming that in that situation, one would be safer unconscious than fighting back any longer.
  • @kellysmith9756
    Marisa every word is a diamond and you are walking your talk, you radiate self belief.
    Thank you
  • @PavelTverdunov
    1:43 - How To Tell Your Mind Exactly What You Want
    4:45 - How To Link Pleasure To Get What You Want
    7:45 - How To Change The Pictures And The Words
    11:25 - How To Make What Is Familiar Unfamiliar And Vice Versa