Wedding Cake | A CG Animation short film by Viola Baier

Published 2019-10-18
A unique story of a marzipan couple who tries to make the marriage perfect on top of a wedding cake.

This short film participated won the following awards:
- Best Student Film / Annie Awards
- Audience Award Best Student Film / Anima Mundi
- Best Student Project / Premiers Plan, Angers


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Director - Viola Baier
Screenplay - Viola Baier
Production - Iris Frisch, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg |
Cast - Jessica Krämer, Helge Sidow
Year - 2013

© Licensed by Magnetfilm

All Comments (21)
  • @zqueen1229
    Having kids is one of the things I think people got to agree on before getting married. Don't you think
  • @ariannaquerin5789
    I love how much symbolism there is in this, especially when towards the end, the groom tries to cover up the spill on the bride’s dress, showing that simply covering up your problems isn’t the solution. Then, at the end, when they’ve literally torn each other apart, it shows that the fact they weren’t able to confront their problems and find a proper solution, cause them to tear each other-and their relationship-apart.
  • @goosebums67
    If I had a nickel for every wedding cake-themed animated short I’ve run across, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.
  • @derpderptoast2717
    I love how near the end with the credits pictures, it shows that even with imperfections and faults, you can make it work if you really do care. The real groom and bride got past that and made it work, while the cake toppers tried to cover up their faults and so much more. The symbolism behind it is incredible.
  • @chelerm8402
    Moral of the story: think twice about who you marry, find someone you are compatible with, take time to get to know most of your partner, and establish an agreement on how the procedure will be and what belongs to whom when it arrives The divorce
  • @ekawidodo4309
    wonderful animation and story, but am kind of sad for the dog though 😢😢😢
  • @Seekeer89
    I love the detail in the film where the bride's declining love for her partner is symbolized by her trying to remove the stain. In fact, every time she tries to clean it, from that moment on, she becomes less in love with him, until the end, when she realizes her mistake and desperately tries to wash it away, a sign that she has definitively understood that the marriage is broken. Unfortunately, many relationships and marriages (a statistic indicates about 50% of these) are lived in this way, and I add, due to a lack of education about life.
  • @BlueKyun15
    Everyone is talking about the dog but we are all just going to ignore 6:10😭😭😭
  • He killed the dog and made a mini tv out of it- I’m astonished 😧
  • @carolinecheney
    Yeah, it was clear that the video was a foreshadowing of how the real couple’s relationship will go. Though I was sad that he killed the dog and turned it into a tv cause the dog didn’t do anything to him. Edit: Mom, I'm famous!
  • @EminayDrackoness
    4:50 its a good thing she chose not to have kids but also shows how even only offering they adopt a puppy only to apease his desire to be paternal when she cant even offer to take the dog for a walk her self, but also if he wanted to be a father and cant even take the dog for a walk, what kind of father would he be? even if you are highly religous, just do an extended engagement before you even start planning the wedding, make sure you know who you are going to marry, give it time for any act or facade to wear away before you get tricked into marrying an alias only to find out who the real spouse is only after the papers are signed. You can still be abstinant if you choose to, you can even just play house a bit with out spending hte night or sleeping in seperate bedrooms until the wedding night if you dont beleive in sharing a bed before being married, but too many folks are getting married not knowing who they are and then feeling unable to file for a divorce because of their religion. Also, even just spending the weekend days at each others residences, taking turns every other week for an extended time period would help those who are religious avoid divorce better.... Me personally Im an athiest so I dont have such worries, but just thinking logically how those who are religious can be more cautious with out sacrificing their core values.
  • @camilabobagamer
    Everything is all about marriage and how hard it is, this is amazing for new marriage people! THE POOR DOGGY
  • @beardiemom
    Love how the cake topper bride just gave the groom a peck on the cheek because she was expected to be okay with the spill, while the bride at the end looked at the spill, looked anoyed at the moment and then just went "What the hell, it's just a dress" and gave the groom a proper kiss because their relationship is what the wedding is all about.
  • @PoppyUr
    I LOVE the wine on the wedding dress symbolising how their relationship was tainted from getting married. It was always a problem for the wife, who tried to wipe the blot away, but the stain was permanent. Meaning the commitment of marriage, and the expectations. Wonderful imagery to illustrate that getting married to someone who you aren’t compatible with can break the relationship all together.
  • @gotchufam2964
    Marriage is a wonderful thing, it symbolizes love and a start of a new chapter for a couple. Marriage is never awful, people are and it’s only awful when people who shouldn’t get married, get married. Why I personally think so many people have awful marriages is because some people don’t think about what it mean to be married. Another thing is being/not having a partner that is not ready or suited for marriage. Worst of all, is when couples don’t discuss having kids before getting married. I come from a big family that has lots of kids so I know how badly marriage turns out to be because of naive couples who don’t know the reality of marriage. I have cousins, aunts and uncles who still suffer because of their partner, and so do their kids. Divorce is not popular where I’m from and even when couples divorce, there’s still irreparable damage but it gets even worse when there’s kids involved.
  • @alexisgrunden1556
    Finances, goals, kids, pets; all are major decisions that need to be discussed well before the ring goes on, much less before you say 'I do'. If you can't even discuss those rationally and come to reasonable, mutually satisfactory decisions together, you've got no business getting married.
  • @gemboss4093
    The cake couple just had a kiss on the cheek but the real couple had a kiss on the mouth. So unlike the cake toppers the real peeps clearly have a more healthy relationship and a better chance at a happy marriage.
  • @UnderTheSameSun693
    Children is something to discuss when you're still dating. When one person wants a baby and the other doesn't, your marriage is basically over then.
  • @lisabottcher9885
    So well done, love to the animators!!! I am mesmerised by all the detail and great explanation without any words. Simply astounding! The morals portrayed are vital as well... 1. Talk to your partner about children BEFORE MARRIAGE. 2. Understand each other's values and boundaries. 3. Know when you've crossed the line and try to communicate clearly. 4. If a person doesn't love you, they won't try to change for you. 5. Friendship is getting to know someone without romance, pre-engagement is learning if your love is unconditional and romantic, engagement is knowledge that they're right for you and marriage is a life-long commitment based on genuine, relentless, gentle and beautiful affection, love and care. This is how it is supposed to be and everyone deserves this!❤💕😘