Lec 1 | MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology, Spring 2011

Published 2012-05-01

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  • @somebodypoems
    This is what I imagined as a child when someone said "Professor"
  • @saurabht3540
    1. Introduction
    2. Science and research
    3. Brain I - Structure and Functions
    4. Brain II - Structure and Functions
    5. Vision I
    6. Vision II
    7. Attention
    8. Consciousness
    9. Learning
    10. Memory I -
    11. Memory II - Amnesia and Memory system
    12. Language
    13. Thinking (me 1/2 way)
    14. Intelligence
    15. Emotion & Motivation
    16. Personality
    17. Child Development
    18. Adult Development
    19. Stress
    20. Psychopathology I
    21. Psychopathology II
    22. Social psychology I (20 m)
    23. Social psychology II
    24. Conclusions - Evolutionary Psychology, Happiness

    Thanks MIT for this free wonderful content. I am not going through lectures by order but my interest, so above is just index for convenient record keeping.
  • Only at MIT could a psychology class be taught in front a blackboard full of vector calculus
  • @zico739
    Old professors are the best ones. This is college not middle school.
  • Honestly this professor is so smart with his little ideas to understand how the human mind behaves towards another, starting to love psychology.
  • @CryWolfFilms
    I'm currently majoring in Psych at a much worse school for a ridiculous price. This is so depressing. But, thank you MIT for letting anyone have access to quality education.
  • @tinymarina
    i love this professor i wish so hard to sit in his class. he is everything i love about teachers. humor, interest, and passion.
  • @SisandaMyataza
    I've never paid attention for 45 minutes straight in my entire life. This was not only informative but engaging. Thank you.
  • It’s this type of content that makes you realize that a good professor really makes a difference
  • @pocok5000
    I watch quite a lot of stuff on youtube, but this series of lectures is my favourite so far. I highly recommend to watch through the whole thing, and recommend it to anyone you can. This should be mandatory material for every human being.
  • A decade ago when I was in grade 12, I had a Physics teacher who'd come to class and instantly start writing long derivations on the black board. I would try my best to keep up with his pace and copy all of it just like the other 50 kids in the class. This was in India. I moved to Canada a few years ago and went to school here. I now understand that neither my Physics teacher was interested in teaching nor did he have the skills to do it and similarly I wasn't interested in copying all that nonsense either. My love for physics is still strong and I give my undivided attention to ideas when someone explains it with equal passion. I wish teachers like Instructor Gabrieli exist in millions in my home country so that we can produce more than just stereotypical nerds who are good for only copying others' ideas. No one benefits from playing pretense in the long run.
  • @laveenabachani
    "it is harder and harder to surprise people now a day"-- can relate.
  • @zankomhamad9866
    Am back here after watching the entire course, and I just want to say the professor and the entire course is really great and useful, it gives you a wide idea abt what psychology is abt, especially in a neuroscientist’s scope.

    thanks Professor, thanks MIT
  • @sitrukennyw2090
    This man is the reason why I'm starting my University Summer School in PSYC 1010 AND PSYC 1020. THANK YOU
  • @andreme7326
    People pay a shit ton of money for universities like MIT.but now we can just access everything online for free. Isn't the digital age marvelous?
  • @Naturalwitch666
    This guy is such a ball of joy, god I would be so excited to be a student in his class. THANKFULLY I can watch his lectures on here for free.
  • @Melting-bones
    When the professor is so good that a 13 year old listen to him
  • Very few teachers we find that enjoy the subject themselves and he's one of those. And those are the ones who make classes enjoyable and fun for students.