Revealing Hidden Health Hazards w/ Medical Medium Anthony William

Published 2024-02-27
Hey Heal Squad. Welcome to part 1 of my eye-opening conversation with Anthony William, the Medical Medium. In today’s episode we explore the hidden health hazards lurking in our modern cities and why the bustling metropolises like LA and NYC can be toxic to our well-being, with their pollution-filled air, noise, lights, and pests. We discuss chemtrails and the potential risks they pose to our health and challenge common assumptions as we uncover that fast food is not the sole culprit behind our sickness. Learn about the surprising role of fragrance and toxic heavy metals in contributing to our health issues. We also uncover the truth about fish oil and its actual benefits, why the way blood tests and blood drawing are conducted may pose significant issues in the future, and gain valuable insights on how to ensure your blood tests are done correctly.

Healers & Heal-Liners
The environment you got sick in, is not the environment you’ll get well in
Nothing is done without money
Most of your immune system, happens to be in your bloodstream
When you get bloodwork, it can take 6 months to restore

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