Hozier - Eat Your Young (Official Lyric Video)

Published 2023-03-16

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  • Zachary Peruch
    Hozier releasing a song that sounds like the sexiest thing on the planet and it actually being about older generations exploiting the younger generation is so perfectly on brand. Fucking obsessed
  • L.
    “Come and get some, skinning the children for a war drum” is so horrifying and poignant these lyrics are incredible
  • Ash and Gold
    A masterful reflection on generational trauma. I've been listening to Hozier since Take Me to Church when I was young, and he's only been getting better since - Eat Your Young is nothing short of continuing that trend.
  • Hailey Thomas
    He never fails to amaze me. In such a unique way, he talks about how the choices we make are harming and killing our children, that it would simply be easier to eat them than to have them suffer through the world
  • Alexis Nicole
    this man’s ability to conjure up such bewitching lyrics and vocally transmit each emotion is a feat not only of masterful musicianship, but also of magic.
  • Don Pasquale
    All 3 songs are genuinely incredible. If the rest of the album is this good, it's gonna easily be the best one yet
  • angel smith
    This man doesn't have one bad song. Every single song of his is absolutely amazing
  • Congrate
    You don't see too many artists stepping out of the classic love ballads and writing what is just pure form of art and poetry! Hozier has done it again! Much love from Bangladesh <3
  • November
    Listening to this song makes me feel like I've just drank water after 10 years of thirst
  • hozier can never do ANYTHING wrong. the man’s an absolute gem
  • Emily Burton
    38 mins straight of just this song over and over as I drove to work. Started with: omg how he says darling, “get some” frick that’s hot.
    Then on the third time I really listened to the lyrics and was like “oh….OH” of course Hozier makes a song about for profit war and my animal brain thinks it’s hot. I’ve now listened to it like 15 times and it’s so powerful. Why spend time raising your kids just to let them die in a war for money when you can just eat your young.
  • Jocelyn Lopez
    Hozier never disappoints. The timing and message of this song are impeccable. Reminds me of A Modest Proposal essay too
  • Tamya Waiters
    How he’s able to evolve his sound and his voice fits always is amazing
  • Chris Fraser
    My God that chorus might actually be his best yet as far a catchy-ness goes. Combine that with the absolutely chilling lyrics and we have a contender for his best work yet!
  • Z3R0
    “It’s a kindness, Highness” actually took my breath away
  • Karishma M.
    How can a song be both chill and chilling? Wow.
  • I’ve been so unbelievably excited for this song since I first heard the clip and god this mans music could never let me down
  • It was released an hour ago, I think I’m on my 100th listen? We are witnessing greatness in the making with every new Hozier song. Congratulations Mr Andrew Hozier Burns, he’s done it again👌