Timothy Jones Trial Day 14 Prosecution Closing Argument

Published 2019-06-03

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  • Jess
    "it was choices, not voices" what a stellar closing argument line, succinct. Well done.
  • Nicole Heitzman
    The prosecutor gave the exact right closing argument for this case. As a juror I couldn't put aside those precious children's final moments....I pray they give the children justice, it's greatly deserved
  • mirimiriela480
    Great work here -- I am particularly impressed with the prosecutor's analysis of the revolving door of doctors that seemed to make up the majority of the trial.
  • Susan Berg
    Difficult to hear. But powerfull speach! TJ's actions are disqusting and horrific beyond belief. I hope, this case will bring focus on child abuse and how to secure the rights of children. Theese poor kids should have been rescued from their devil dad a long time ago, but every body, who had a chance to do so, failed them. So so sad! RIP little angeles ❤️.
  • Renee L
    “Who do you run to when your daddy’s the monster?” 😥😥
  • Charlene G.
    Amazing closing arguement. So sad, but put it all together perfectly.
  • asamatteroffact
    I always said I believed he heard voices, but if you think about it, we all hear voices when making decisions, reminiscing or remembering stuff; hence that doesn't mean we are psychotic.
  • Leto Lethe
    He exercised the child to death. That's torture.
  • nibor77
    When he couldn't pronounce the doctors name so he says "the $25,000 doctor from Atlanta" I almost spit my water out!! Another great statement..."he condemned Amber for taking up with the neighbor, but it was ok for TIM JONES to move the 17 year old babysitter in, because the law is TIM'S LAW!" Very valid point!!
    For as JUDGMENTAL as Tim was, he lived like a complete slob. For as GODLY as Tim was, he controlled and abused his wife and children. For having a BROKEN BRAIN, Tim excelled in his career and school. LASTLY...for as MENTALLY ILL as Tim was, he spent 9 days seeking out drugs and making itemized lists to try to devise a plan to get away with murder!!
  • paul Hocking
    Wow, what a closing by the Prosecution! 👏👏. Bye Bye Tim, enjoy your time in prison for the rest of your miserable life. 😡
  • M*A*R*Y 🌜
    Brilliant closing! BAM!! Dead man walking. This closing was so powerful I could not look away.
  • Gatorgirl 04
    LOVE that he brought up the prison rape scene in the movie, and how inmates dont take kindly to baby killers!
  • dlsmith57
    He is guilty. He killed the first boy out of rage. He killed the other 4 to cover it up.
  • Hong Lor Chhong
    Thank you prosecutor your job is done I respect the ⚖.
  • Ray Lee Scherger
    After listening to all the testimony in this case..Timothy Jones Jr..Deserves nothing less then the

    DP..all the horror abuse,these children suffered,DSS also failed these Babies..
    Unbelieveable..what a monster Tim..really is..Excellent Prosecution.. Thank you.. May These
    Babies finally R.I.P Amen..
  • Kris Heathman
    How can you not love this prosecutor? So far, I’m only about half way through his closing argument, but I already know, I love this man! He is saying all the right stuff. WOW ……. My mind is blown by how good he really is at his job!! This is his win 🏅
  • Wendy Holmes
    "When you in doubt look in the bag"!.. Says, prosecutor
  • Elizabeth Walker
    One little bit of hope (the prosecutor says) ...Amber calls.... Yet she never came...... He was gulping for air (Amber's testimony) Gasping and crying....she never came. Those poor kids were born to two sorry parents.
  • Lisa Smith
    But brain injuries dont always effect your cognitive abilities. There definitely is something seriously wrong with this man. He isnt a well man. But that's doesn't mean he isnt legally responsible. And he is only high lighting one doctors findings.