Japan $1000 Crane Game Challenge Ft. @ludwig

Published 2023-03-15

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  • @caramba2345
    I love how Cinnamonroll is now officially referred to as the "Mouse Tax".
  • The way Connor straight up points and laughs at Ludwig when he drops the coins💀💀💀
  • @619Slipk
    Like 10 episodes ago Connor got a tiny pouch to keep his coins
    Still show up using those cups
    You deserve to be collecting them from the floor
  • Connor sounding like a concerned mother “stop eating the 1 dollar candy, that cannot be good for you” was hilarious
  • @merlinho0t
    That lady giving Lud the Kirby even though he didn’t get it fully through was so cute lol the fact that the staff help you out by moving them if they get stuck or in really bad positions is so cool.
  • @stortiz6645
    The way they both got a cinnamon roll for Mouse trying to win her over is so cute. lol
  • @Smashman4ever
    Ludwig: Makima is manipulative.

    Also Ludwig: I'm gonna pay off influencers to send their fans to support me.
  • @sonny-234
    Every single day i see Ludwig somewhere different,I'm 100% convinced this man can either fly or teleport
  • @G9990
    I love how Ludwigs plan of bribing people into voting for him just fell apart when Connor got so much more then him in quality and quantity. 10/10 -IGN
  • Seeing Lud freak out on Connor winning all those Pokémon plushies is hilarious
  • You know, I know this is all in good fun and it's a friendly competition, but I desperately want Ludwig to have done all this work to try and bribe people only to lose horribly
  • @chescaranullo
    Ludwig’s strategy is smart, but he still ended up losing 😭
  • @vietbluecoeur
    14:28 I think that the editor isn’t familiar with lolita fashion since they added that sus Rock face. 😂 The word “lolita” may have a weird connotation especially in some Western spheres but in terms of the Japanese street fashion it’s super innocuous. The Cinnamoroll plush is in fact wearing sweet-style lolita, complete with a bonnet and chocolate theme! It’s making me lose my mind, I want it so bad!! 😭💞
  • Connor won easily. Ludwig was so busy trying to play the system, he forgot to play the actual game.
  • This whole week I’ve been rewatching all of Connor’s crane game videos like crazy, and then he drops this? My guy knows what his viewers want!
  • Half of the fun of these crane game videos is just wanting to hear Meyline’s commentary 😂
  • @smtoonworld
    Ludwig pulling out Connor’s plush from the floor had me dying
  • @Temereru
    I was the random fan you met, it was really cool having this random meeting. And it's cool you kept it in the video
  • @copper8768
    That was so relatable when Connor was a quarter of an inch from getting the prize