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Published 2021-08-16
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In this JavaScript projects tutorial, we will cover 4 projects along with hands-on demos.

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Introduction to JavaScript:
JavaScript is a scripting language that is used to create and manage dynamic web pages, basically anything that moves on your screen without requiring you to refresh your browser. It can be anything from animated graphics to an automatically generated Facebook timeline. When most people get interested in web development, they start with good old HTML and CSS. From there, they move on to JavaScript, which makes sense, because, these three elements together form the backbone of web development. HTML is the structure of your page like the headers, the body text, any images you want to include. It basically defines the contents of a web page.
CSS controls how that page looks (it’s what you’ll use to customize fonts, background colors, etc.). JavaScript is the third element. Once you’ve created your structure (HTML) and your aesthetic vibe (CSS), JavaScript makes your site dynamic (automatically updateable).

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- Capstone Project in 4 domains
- Caltech CTME Circle Membership
- Build your own portfolio on GitHub

✅ Skills Covered
- Agile
- Hibernate and JPA
- Spring Core 50
- DevOps
- HTML5 and CSS3
- JavaScript ES6
- Servlets

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