What Happens AFTER Nuclear War?

Published 2024-02-20
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A nuclear bomb is the most devastating explosion ever created.
One bomb can end tens of thousands of lives immediately and
hundreds of thousands through the radioactive aftermath. However,
the worst part comes afterward: a nuclear winter that might kill billions,
potentially leading to the complete collapse of our civilization.

In a nuclear winter, there are no winners – only starving losers.
How exactly does it work and what would it look like?

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  • @kurzgesagt
    Check out our biggest sale yet! Help support our birbs in moving to a bigger warehouse, and get a great deal for yourself on some kurzgesagt favorites: shop.kgs.link/Sale24
  • "If you have more people than calories available, then in a few weeks you don't anymore." So simple, so brutal.
  • @mortadeloyfile
    You know is serious when theres no intro nor any single "birb" until the very end.
  • @Kumire_921
    Imagine surviving a nuclear apocalypse and when you finally go outside to get food you get killed by deathclaws
  • @NeilMcEachin
    Nuclear weapons feel like something we discovered way too early
  • @Bionic
    Australia, New Zealand & Argentina's real estate boom after this video 📈😭
  • @mpmpm
    To answer the last question in the video: absolutely. People would build nucleair weapons again. It is a common misconception that people learn form the past. They don't.
  • @derschnensch._.
    The scariest thing is not what would happen, it's the fact that there are people that have the authority to give orders like that
  • @MartinPoulter
    “The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five.” ― Carl Sagan
  • "On the Beach" is an apocalyptic novel published in 1957, written by British author Nevil Shute after he emigrated to Australia. The novel details the experiences of a mixed group of people in Melbourne as they await the arrival of deadly radiation spreading towards them from the Northern Hemisphere, following a nuclear war some years previous. As the radiation approaches, each person deals with impending death differently.
  • @pablo199014
    "It's like humanity dropping an asteroid on itself." That's Raw
  • @SiggiTh
    "Their nuclear-winter will be milder." This is pretty much the most positive sentence in the video.
  • @Rion-px3ve
    "An odd game, the only winning move is not to play" If you know the movie you know
  • @KinggOse
    Imagine destroying a world of hundreds of billions of years old just because your feelings were hurt.
  • @poyo1290
    Crazy that that about 200 people are pretty much responsible for it if it happens. They wouldn’t be the one’s starving or burning either
  • @IanDavidOnDU
    The worst part is convincing your insurance company that your radiation burns are not a pre-existing condition, and they should allow you to get treatment out-of-network, because your regular hospital was vaporized.
  • @rithrius5384
    The world: *Nuclear apocalypse* Me: "🎶I got spurs, that jingle jangle jingle!🎶"