Evolution of Nintendo Handhelds (Animation)

Published 2020-10-17
Game & Watch, Game Boy, Nintendo DS, 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo is dominating the Handheld industry!
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00:00 Intro
00:34 Game & Watch
01:57 Game Boy
02:33 Game Boy Pocket
03:05 Game Boy Color
04:12 Virtual Boy
05:21 Game Boy Advance
06:53 Pokémon Mini
07:22 Nintendo DS
09:37 Nintendo 3DS
10:55 New Nintendo 3DS
11:36 Nintendo Switch
12:56 Game & Watch 2020

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All Comments (21)
  • @BOBO-lj5cv
    I can't believe that everything started with a calculator.
  • @user-ul5bn7bw3h
    Just imagine the guy who was playing with his calculator on the train is watching this thinking “Did I just start a multi-billionaire gaming franchise company”
  • @L1M.L4M
    Game and watch:I'm new Gameboy: I'm newer DS's: No me Switch: I'm the newest Game and watch: 'Sup?
  • Nintendo 40 Year Challenge: 1980: Game And Watch 2020: Game And Watch
  • @MrBigGuy1977
    we thank the guy who was in the train playing with his calculator for starting nintendo GAMING HANDHELDS
  • Fun Fact: A Soilder in a Gulf war brought his Game Boy to the war and it survived A Bomb Blast. It was burned but it stills works. Also it was held in a Nintendo store in New York.
  • @ritvik1235
    Hats off to that guy who was playing on his calculator in train.
  • @ricc4833
    When you showed the new 2ds xl all I thought was “goodbye, old friend”. RIP ds era.
    It’s amazing to think that all these handhelds have been technically inferior to the competition and yet 99.9% of the time Nintendo have come out on top
  • @Nahhbriaodnd
    PSP was iconic for me but the ds takes me back YEARS
  • @pp-iq6gx
    "I'm better" "Ur fat" Wise choice advance
  • @xyithan9128
    Nintendo is definitely the best game development company. They always try unique ideas and features, even if it may fail, but they never fail in bringing joy and fun to players which is what videogames should be about.
  • We, as a society, must end the fat shaming directed towards the Nintendo DS.
  • @jetlirlajqi6977
    watching the little characters jump from the screen was adorable
  • @FoxCon2546
    The Game Boy Advance will always be one of my most favorite handhelds because when I played on Nintendo DS, I at the time used it just to play GBA games, and seeing the GBA intro brings back nostalgia and fun memories.
  • @Ivan18584
    The best YouTube Ron the planet is back with even more awesome content, get him to 10 mill
  • This is truly amazing! Keep up the great animation! You deserve 1million subs.
  • @squishy8634
    handheld consoles are my favorite type of console😭 I love them so much, I own a nintendo switch and I use it exclusively in handheld mode.