High Angle Rifle Training : Course Loadout

Published 2023-11-30
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In this episode, Ivan Loomis dives into weather preparedness, reviewing the Outlander boots and discussing clothing layers. He introduces waterproof and shooting gear, elaborates on gear maintenance, and discusses protective equipment. He explores gear storage and range finder options, touches on outdoor cooking tools, and introduces the SCAR-20 S rifle. The episode concludes with a performance review of the gun and a recap of all gear discussed.

Course Loadout

Lems Outlander Boots

Sitka Core Merino 120 Bottoms

Beyond Testa Softshell Pants

Sitka Core Merino 220 Half-Zip Shirt

Prometheus Design Werx Stratus Down Hoodie

PDW Paladin Hoodie

Outdoor Research Apollo Waterproof Pants

PDW Aegis Hoodie

PDW AG Watch Cap

Other Gear

Sig Oscar 8 Spotting Scope

Field Optics Research Tripod

Sawtooth Rifles Kilo Shooting Bag

Lucas Gun Oil

Revision Eyewear Shooting Glasses

Smith Director Elite Glasses

Otto Engineering Noizebarrier Micro

Sobchek Security LLC Range Card

Pack & Gear

PDW W.U.U.L.F. Pack

Camera Tripod

Daka Pouch

Sig Kilo5K Rangefinder

Cole-Tac Woobie Bag

Keith Titanium Canteen Set

Titanium Coffee Cup

Kovea Spider Stove

Gun 1

MiniFix by Q

Proof Research 6mm ARC Barrel

Half Nelson Silencer

Q Kickstand Bipod

Sierra Tac Padded Sling

Blue Force Gear U-Loop

Arca Q-Sert Adapter

Leupold 3-15 VX5 HD

Die Free Co. Iron Palm Grip

Gun 2


Jumbo Shrimp 6.5 Silencer

Parker Mountain Machine SCAR 20 M-LOK Rails

Scarborator Adjustable Gas Block

Magpul Bipod

Arca M-LOK Adapter

Warn Scope Mount

Primary Arms SLx 3-18x50 Optic

100 Concepts Scope Cap

Sobchek Security Dope Sticker

Tactical Distributors Lead-Slinger Sling

0:00 Introduction and discussion on weather preparedness and clothing choices
2:01 Review of Lems Outlander boots and discussion on gloves and socks
3:03 Deep dive into layering and overview of outer layers
7:15 Introduction to waterproof gear and shooting gear
11:49 Cleaning and maintenance of guns and gear
13:23 Overview of eye and ear protection
15:10 Review of gear storage options
16:13 Overview of range finder and other items in the pack
19:56 Introduction to outdoor cooking tools and gun topics
24:14 Unforeseen issues with gear and introduction of the SCAR-20 S gun
27:04 Performance review of the SCAR-20 S gun and recap of all gear
29:04 Conclusion: Final thoughts on the gear, pack, and overall experience

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  • @ysince95
    That intro 🦅🫵🏼❤️‍🔥
  • @Alex-yg5uh
    The light weight of my Q fix wasn't an issue for me when shooting it, the constant failure to feed was though. The second example I had also had an issue with the bolt springs and bad tolerances cutting a grove in the receiver. Don't have them anymore, which is good seeing how sturdy their bolt lugs are......
  • @jasonrad9332
    Love my arca adapter from Sawtooth Rifles for my Tikka T3x Tact A1.
  • @HarrysHolsters
    Awesome facility and staff! Not cheap but it’s worth it. Looks like an awesome course.
  • @aetius9
    Great dog video! Oh, and I guess the equipment and gun review was useful. :P #teampeanut
  • @SuperOtter13
    Thank you again for all the info you bring to us. 👍🏽
    Is peanut a Rhodesian Ridgeback or a mix? Good looking dog
  • @jayinmass
    Peanut reminds me of my Bull mastiff Sirius, 🥜 awesome name 😂
  • @leadslapdirtnap
    Do you like the PDW puffer jacket over the Sitka puffer jacket?
  • @chrisbriggs9418
    Where are you from? It's always cool background for your videos.
  • @DooxTrebucket
    I have not had good luck with Lucas gun oil in cold temperatures.
  • @ulflyng4072
    Good vid, as usual. Thx
    7:48 Sry, bad subject..... But it looks like your dog have worm...!?
  • @klajoye481
    We hunted muleys at 10k this year and had a pretty gnarly snowstorm/temps for the entirety of the trip, couldn’t figure out why my jetboil kept dying 😂☠️ that makes sense…