Trying Girly Life Hacks to see if they work 2

Published 2020-02-13

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  • @LittleLiaWolf
    Helllooooo friends hope ur having a swell day ❤️
  • @user-cp3iz4hn8q
    Lia: there is no what if I am pregnant and it’s a balloon

    Dr Phil: get the cameras
  • @elsiesvids9638
    I love how Lia can put so much effort and never doubts on a life hack
  • @lisabivins7675
    You know for pipe cleaners you can pull out some fuzz then un twist the 2 wires and you can get two small wires and a huge pile of fuzz. It works, I’ve tried it. I hope you can find this helpful if you ever need to do something like this again
  • @lottiethecat4211
    I love how she dosent brag that she’s rich and is humble and won’t brag to her fans about that
  • @bakubro6004
    I love her personality she’s just adorable 😂🙃
  • @sophiesx9674
    I love how she doesnt flex even though shes rich shes so kind and humble
  • @alana1485
    I love how you try hacks for us so we don’t have to do anything if it’s a failure
    She's Soo cute and also so energetic 🥰 and her personality is sooooo fun happy. And she never let's us down
  • @svdl8862
    the fact that sniperwolf doesnt know that she makes our day 10 times better
  • sniperwolf you're funny but kind at the same time i love your work and videos 🤗🤗
  • @sarahbiswas9700
    Is anyone gonna talk about Ash's excitement at 10:55? Literally the cutest thing 💞💞
  • @v0id.b00st2
    Lia makes everybodies day better. I love your content Lia! ❤️
  • I loved how the shirt went so well with the necklaces it looks really good on you

    I love your videos thanks for posting 👏🏻
  • @jade._.6515
    love the part at 5:30 when she raises her thumb and then gives the box a good old smack 😂
  • @skyeraftn5061
    Lia looks and sounds so mad but tries to stay as happy as she can
  • @reagan5039
    Lia: bites into ice cream
    People with sensitive teeth: triggered