Daring Faith: Daring To Wait On God with Rick Warren

Published 2015-05-27
www.saddleback.com/daringfaith – No one ever said that waiting is easy. It takes patience, self-restraint, determination, and the hope that something good is yet to come. From that first gift under the Christmas tree to the family vacation marked on the calendar, we all face the challenge of waiting for that "next big thing" to be revealed. In an age of smart phones, quick fixes, and instant communication, waiting has become even more challenging. But waiting is an important part of life. You may be waiting on God to heal your disease, bring you employment, ease your burden, or answer your prayer. Sometimes though, God has to work on us before he works on our problems. In this sermon, Pastor Rick Warren details what do when when you're waiting on God, and how to be patient in the process.

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  • Casey Artis
    Father, I pray for all of those who watch this sermon waiting for something waiting for You to move. I pray that they(as well as myself) would realize that You are already moving and that they would WAIT WELL and not passively. I pray that you would show them the things that you want to teach them and continue to develop, transform, and renew their lives and their character. I thank you for Pastor Warren and everything that You are doing and will continue to do through him. I’m Jesus Ñame. Amen
  • jwricky
    I listen to pastor Rick Warren at my lowest and I instantly get happier. Thankful to follow his preaching of God.
  • Danielle
    God found me again and I followed the call to come back to church after years living for myself. I went through some serious doubt wondering if God could ever forgive me but I kept asking that His will be done in my life. While I was watching this I got a job offer that I’ve been waiting for and will finally have health benefits and a decent salary to help my family with. If you’re reading this, turn your life over to Him and stay faithful ❤️
  • alicia s
    I've been wondering and asking God what I am to do in my next season of waiting and he answered my prayers right here. I was so confused as to what to do and now I know. Best sermon ever. I feel like a burden has been lifted. Thank you, Lord.
  • Edwin Ghee
    3 years after this sermon had been posted, God used my current situation to have me seek a video on the topic related to my current situation. God knew what He was doing & I can say God used Rick Warren to teach this topic & break it down in a way I can understand. God is a good God & an on-time God. This present moment & video is God's comfirmation that He's with me all the way. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER!!!
  • mns chenkual
    I think waiting is the hardest part in keeping my faith...and this sermon is the one that I needed right now... Thank you very much for uploading
  • I truly needed to hear this message! ♥️🙏😭 from the depth of my Spirit thank you so much Pastor Rick for your teaching. I'm only sorry I'm just finding you now as you are retiring! I want to thank you for being God's voice to me when I need it the most ♥️🙏. Thank you so much for being a true Shepherd. GOD BLESS YOU.
  • Cheree Wales
    This was preached over 6 years ago....and I NEEDED to hear it today. Thank You Lord for preparing it for me to hear in my time of need.
  • I needed this, you spoke EXACT words that God had for me. There’s so many people who call you a ‘false minister’ - BAHUMBUG TO THEM! Amen! 🙏
  • Sofie Luxx
    This shows you have been Divinely inspired from what you have been through and are helping others that are going through the own trials ✝️✝️ with GOD.
  • Lynette Cato
    I love how you explain God's words. I understand so clearly this why I go the church to hear a word from God. Please don't change your method of teaching it helped me out so much.
  • Thet Tun
    The longer the wait, the bigger the blessings
  • Flo flower
    I am in waiting and will keep in faith !
  • Rowena Solano
    God plans is great.... This message is awesome. I am so blessed. I've been waiting and praying, expecting restoration and healing for a better relationship with my children. I have been waiting for job. I know God hears my prayers even sometimes I feel like impatient but God knows what the best for me despite of my present situation.
  • bulalo mtobesya
    At some point today I praised God that my prayers were answered only to start feeling a bit disappointed later this night but coming to find a song of praise I met these teachings from Pastor Rick Warren, it's like God directed me here for a purpose. I am glad that I did listen to this preaching , bless you man of God and bless all those that are seeking for God's grace through out there prayers, let's wait for our miracle to come. Amen.
  • kumzuk longs
    Thank you so much saddleback church and Rick...I know you'll never come across this...but your sermon have been helping me these past few days through some hard times...God Bless you
  • AK
    Pastor Rick I want you to know, I just prayed to thank God He has given you to us. Thank you for your many efforts for so many years teaching us the word of God. Your sense of humour made a long sermon so lively that I can’t stop but hearing you out till the very end of it and write my notes (you can imagine it’s taking longer than the sermon)
  • For you my Lord are able to do exceedingly, abundantly beyond what we can ever think or imagine 🙏🏼🔥✝️🙌🏼